Gunfighting rules - best practices


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Jun 27, 2016
In addition to the usual gun handling safety rules, such as always treating all guns as if they are loaded, here are my additional best practices rules for gunfighting:

a - before you put your finger on the trigger to take the shot, observe everything around your target, between you and your target, and beyond your target, to determine if you can safely take the shot without causing collateral injury to bystanders;

b - if you cannot safely take the shot due to bystanders, then you need to get away quickly and take cover and wait for the shooter to come to you, before you start shooting;

c - if you are outgunned or outnumbered, then you need to get away quickly and take cover and wait for the shooter(s) to come to you, before you start shooting;

d - if you are caught in a robbery of a store or bank, then you need to take cover quickly and wait for the shooter(s) to come to you, before you start shooting;

e - never get into a gunfight in which you are outgunned or outnumbered; get away quickly instead and take cover;

f - always have lots of loaded ammo available on your person not just what is loaded into your gun;

g - always bring a cell phone with you so you can call-in the crime in progress after you take cover;

h - make sure you have a first aid kit in your car nearby with wound treatment items.
You cannot always avoid crime however. There are so many criminals out and about, that one of them is bound to find you every few years or so.

The best thing is to be armed at all times for when crime finds you.

Situational awareness and avoiding sleazy situations is the next preventive measure, after always being armed in the first place.

Then recognizing the criminal by either their behavior or their clothing and then keeping your distance is the next thing.

You need to keep your distance -- your "interval" -- to give yourself sufficient reaction time to draw a weapon.

If you are trying to maintain a sufficient interval and the criminal pursues you then you need to draw your weapon quickly and smoothly and while keeping it close to you, make sure the criminal does not close the gap.

"Back Off !!!" is my favorite command, as I keep retreating.

If they do not stop then you need to shoot, probably several times, at least until they stop coming at you.

It may take up to 5 shots to stop someone.

And Step A would then apply -- quickly to ascertain whether you can take the shot or not without hunting anyone else who is an innocent bystander.
In the case of the Ohio State Univ crasher and slasher, all the usual rules of situational awareness and not letting any strangers get within 10 feet of you apply. Why these sheeple do NOT retreat in the face of an armed and crazed assailant is beyond me. They are like little babies that need to have their noses blown and azzes wiped for them.

Anyone even holding a machete for any reason is a threat.

When you first see the machete this is the time to get away.

You need to get at least 20 ft away before you have time to draw and shoot your pistol.

You should never go anywhere without a pistol and extra ammo mag.

And you need continual situational awareness due to this Islamic insanity and also ordinary crime and violence.

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