Grocery Pricing.... I don't usually shop... Don't forget your phone

All I came away with from the OP is that you bought bacon from a company owned by China... well, owned by a Chinese company, but I repeat myself...

It's damn near impossible to avoid buying Chinese these days. At least Smithfield is made in America...
I don't usually shop for groceries, but this time did, as granddaughters spent the night. Needing bacon, I went to Kroger just to pick up bacon and eggs, so I ran to Kroger as a "mission shopper" for those two items. Low and behold, just inside was a chill cooler, with Smithfield bacon with a SALE!, 22 oz./ $3.99.
Cool. Numbers and theories ran through my head as if sitting at my desk, back in the day, and having been a purchasing/sale mgt geek in wholesale. Theories, right/wrong as different industries operate differently: Never sell in mass below cost and always include overhead into cost. Figured, right or wrong Kroger owns a hunk Smithfield, but that was just a random thought. So, hmmmm. $3.99 unit sale price became unit cost somewhere in the $3.84 range making GPM around 3.8%, a low fixed overhead in anybody's book and a heck of a sale price at $3.99. Still, I wasn't there to load up and store, just get breakfast (mission shopper). I am cutting back on fats and cholesterol, as my medical people are wanting to abuse me, after almost 69 years of me abusing myself, so 1 pack of bacon.

Eggs have dropped dramatically from last year. Dozen eggs were selling (everyday priced, no discount) $1.09 / Dozen, (last year possibly the last time I personally grocery shopped), and then just to see what everybody was rightly bitching about.

Cool. Inflation is cooling! I can see it.

Went to self-checkout, as that time of early morning in almost empty store, not a single human cashier on duty. Hmmm... Life in the 2020s. Eggs checked fine. Bacon? SHOCK! Now $8.99 instead of $3.99! Hmmm, lets look at that display inside the door again. I leave the two items there and go check. Hmmm... Sale is a digital coupon sale. NUTS! This was just a mission trip, 6 blocks. Iphone is on the desk. You put on a top shirt to cover shoulder holster and 9mm, but didn't slip the Iphone your pocket? Dumbass!!

Scratch the sale Bacon, as not paying $8.99 for 22 oz of thin sliced bacon. I'll get real bacon. Oh, well. Real bacon (thick sliced country bacon) probably also packed by Smithfield for Kroger under the Kroger brand, but more like grandmother cut from the smokehouse out back on the farm, now $8.49/ 24 oz. pack. At least the price isn't that much different than before the consumer driven inflation hit, as all the retailers, wholesaler and producing plants figured, with this much free or cheap government money in circulation, it was a good time to make up for pandemic days of lower overall sales. OK. Similar items have similar costs, no matter the price. Hmmm... Cost around $3.84 everyday priced $8.49 for GPM of maybe 54% plus/minus, yep sounds like a targeted GPM to me. There be gold in them there grocery businesses if you have your shit together and Kroger has always seem to have their shit together, a nice steady but slow growth stock over the years. Screw it. You ain't Gods gift to marketing theory or industry insider in this industry. Cut the internal dialog and get the heck outta here, you just want PJ to be able to make a nice country breakfast for the granddaughters!

Jeez! Shoulda put this in the hack Writers Forum of random semi-pointless thought. Comp teacher was right. I am better suited to "How To" manuals or writing SOPs.
White Man, are you one of those old shoppers who park their carts in the middle of the aisle and leave it as you shuffle off to look for prunes and Ensure, thereby inconveniencing all the other shoppers?
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White Man, are you one of those old shoppers who park their carts in the middle of the aisle and leave it as you shuffle off to look for prunes and Ensure, thereby inconveniencing all the other shoppers?
No, but at 6:30 being one of the few shoppers in the store, I did leave them on the self-checkout, rung up and unpaid, while I walked over to recheck that price. Then came back had the attendant standing around cancel transaction, picked up the two item and went back to dump the bargain, no longer a bargain and get what I would be willing to pay for.

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