Granting war powers


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Dec 4, 2013
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Carrabelle, fl. 60 miles s of tallahassee
Never in my life have I been so horrified by the accumulation of evil acts. Never in my lifetime has this country had an opportunity to effect clear cut good for so many people. Never has the use of the worlds most superior army had a purer mission, and never has the opinion of the world been so one sided.

We have such an opportunity to do the most Nobel of deeds for,the human race, civilization, and world order. The world yearns for it and morality demands it. If ever there was a time when overwhelming force was needed to,protect the innocent it is now.

Congress is waiting on the president, the president is waiting on the congress, the people wait while politicians dither, the military yearns to do what it is trained for, and the world waits for direction while barbarism and hell carry the day.

Give the president unconditional authority to use whatever means necessary to eliminate any vestiges of Isis anywhere they are found. Kill em, that is the only mission. We are not to attack any state actors only independents who kill or threaten innocents. Our mission is to destroy and eliminate any threat by those who do not value the universality of human life. The people of Isis do not belong on this planet or to the family of civilizations or religions. Our tactics should be to raid and retreat, not to hold any ground but to let the ground be re occupied by emboldened natives. Whether we are saving Christians, Muslims, Arab, African, Indonesian, Australian, or American does not matter. The mission is to erase the virus of Isis from the planet.

Let all military forces used have to volunteer for the mission. Let this congressional approval expire every year so we can debate our progress and the merits of our action and reup if necessary. Let us not stand by when of all countries on earth we have the power to fight this universal evil, protect the innocent, and honor the traditions of morality and human rights that our great country reveres.

Do it now!

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