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GQ:Can a Socialist Truck Driver Who Wants To Abolish The CIA Become the Youngest Member of Congress?

Daryl Hunt

Your Worst Nightmare
Oct 22, 2014
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O.D. (Stands for Out Dere
I use Denmark as an example for success. They have universal healthcare, almost full employment, every citizen enjoys 4 weeks paid vacation, and the list goes on and on. Yes, Rump would allow people from Denmark to immigrate to the US but I don't think there are going to be too many takers. Life is just pretty damned good there. And the Rich aren't the only ones that use what would be considered high priced vacation spots and hotels. Every Citizen has the right to use them. We have a ton of Ex Patriots living there but not to many Danes move here.
Denmark does not have almost full employment because of the immigrant influx

nor does it have a military budget worthy of the name

in truth danes are having second thoughts about their expensive wipe-every-nose welfare system
I am speaking of Danes, not immigrants. And the Danes don't need a huge military budget. They rely on Nato and the EU like many of the smaller EU countries. As for Medical, they are doing fine but you keep telling us how others think inside their own country. Maybe we can ask them how WE think here.
Comparing the budget of a country that hides behind the skirt of its neighbors for national defense to the country that provides that protection is misleading

as for the immigrants I guess the danes will just have to work harder and pay more taxes to support them

no wonder the opposition is rising
And the Danes closed it off to Immigrants without visas. Of course, with their topography, that's not hard to do. Stop making shit up as you go.
I did not mention migrants

you need to pay closer attention
You are trying to move the goalposts. There is a huge difference between migrants and immigrants. A Migrant has either a visa or a green card and is there legally usually for work purposes. And Immigrant is something else. You need to just stop talking. You are being foolish and trying to win at all costs.

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