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Good website for wall posters?


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Jun 29, 2009
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I'm building an ill home gym, and want to line her up with mirrors and posters.

I'm not trying to pay $6.99 per poster, ya know?

Anyways, looking for a place with a VAST selection and fair price. Hollar.

Oh, my gym for the on-lookers : )

500 lbs. Assorted weight plates.
45 lb bar, 2 differing curl bars, dumbells up to 100
squat rack
adjustable bench
ab bench
pull-up, dips, lower-ab(leg raisers) tower, in one
heavy bag
speed bag
stationary bicycle
tread mill
perfect pushups
assorted pads, etc
ab/exercise ball
ab coaster
bow-flex extreme
pull-down machine with accessories for: flat bar pushes / pulls, glose grip bar for rows, etc, rope, triangle bar, single-handles for cable-crosses
a $500 stereo that BANGS

Looking forward to having it all brought in from the yard (covered in triple tarps)once the painting, etc. is completed this week.

I also need to know where people download free music these days, if at all. I'm not looking for adware/spyware.

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