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God is Always Far Ahead of Us

Colin norris

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Apr 25, 2021
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The Bible is not silly. It's the truth and there are parts that explain how the universe and Earth works.

There is not one reference to the gravity influence that major planets have on the earth. Absolute rubbish.

We just have to go out and prove it using science as we find science backs up the Bible. How do you think heliocentrism was proved?

Science has never researched a bible to verify their findings. What part of the bible was heliocentrics explained?
Quote it exactly because I know you cant.

No one knows exactly, but the creation scientists used Bible genealogy to come with approximately 2,345 BC.
Bullshit. Genealogy is completely irrelevant to the age of your silly flood.
Of course you dont know because it didn't happen.
There are no such thing as a creation scientist. Don't attempt to link the two because religion is progressively becoming more detached from the real world.

I already explained how kangaroos could get on the boat, but you're too SFE to figure it out. Remember Pangea?

If your date us 2345 bc is correct, the continent od pangea was in existence billion of years ago. You dates don't stack up.
Admit you cannot explain the gathering of all the animals. Also, how did the kangaroos get the message? Email? Maybe an angel dropped by and told them? Do you realise how stupid you sound?

The flood also explains how the Himalayas were formed.

Hey idiot. The Himalayas was formed by the collision of two tectonic plates billions of years ago. Long before your silly flood. Under your theory, they should be subsiding with the water but in fact, science yes science, has proven they are still rising at 30mm per year.
How's your theory going now dopey?

As for the rest of your flood questions, why don't you go here -- Life-size Noah’s Ark. I'm tired explaining to a SFE in regards to science something no amount of evidence will convince.

Science has explained nearly eveything
on earth, including the myths of your silly bible e and God.
It's religion that will never be convinced by it because it doesn't bend to suit their agenda.

How do you know that universe is 13.7 B years old and Earth is 4.5 B years old? Aren't you the one who was conned beyond belief as radioactive decay does not correspond to calendar year and more.

It is the universe which is 13.7 billion and that has bern proven by physics. There's no doubt about him. Radioactivity decays at a certain rate regardless of where in the universe you are. That us how they knew how old it was. Did your Jesus do any conjuring tricks and quote the age in the bible? Maybe he mentioned why the earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun? No? How about the earth hurtling through space at about 30k miles an hour? No mention of that? That's strange because according to you, everything is in your silly bible.

As for the rest of your diatribe and who has been conned, I've explained you'll know immediately after you die.

I knew it was comIng. You godbotherers begin to lose a debate then out comes the obligatory threat I will suffer eternal fire for my recalcitrance. How arrogant, vain and presumptuous that you know the destination and punishment of others because they disagree with you.
You know nothing. You've never received a message from any hideous to know that. You're a liar.

With you, I can't even say it's creation science vs atheist science because you won't accept the evidence due to extreme prejudices and being SFE.

There is no such thing as creation science nor atheist science.
Creation and science are exact opposite. Atheism is believing in nothing at all.
How can you arrogantly link religion with either? it's ridiculous and immature.

OTOH, you haven't proved any evidence against a global flood and have no evidence for the rest of your diatribe.

Of course I haven't because it didn't exist.
The pitiful excuse you've given is no evidence but biblical clap trap designed to con fools like you into believing there's a god. There is no God and there was no flood.

Haha. There isn't any logic nor evidence with your diatribe. That's what makes it worthless. It's useless to me to explain as I would be wasting my time and energy explaining to a SFE. The latter has been proven in a few posts.

Haha. Is that the best dismissal of my reply? What us worthless is your life. You spend it under the divine dictatorship of some ridiculous ghost who watches your every move day and night, them spend time telling the world what a fool you are.

I can see you are very immature in the debating game and even more so when it comes to common sense and logic.
There is not a sceric of evidence on earth of any God nor is there any reason for there to have ever been one.
Every thing is explained by science.

Every time you reply I get another whack at you. Have another and laugh some more. You will leave here before me.

Colin norris

Platinum Member
Apr 25, 2021
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Youre not laughing silly man.
It hurt. You've never been challenged before but you childishly think it's funny as a weapon to deride my view.
You know nothing. You're just another delusional godbotherer.

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