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GM Warns Chevy Bolt Owners Not to Park Within 50ft of Anything You Care About

Deplorable Yankee

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Feb 7, 2019
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In the wake of a series of severe battery fires, General Motors has just issued a safety recommendation not to park your Chevy Bolt within 50ft of other vehicles, in case it catches fire.

GM tells Bolt owners to park 50 feet from other cars in parking garages, confirms 12 fires
Kalea Hall The Detroit News

Sep 15 2021
Detroit — As it seeks a solution to a battery fire risk, General Motors issued yet another safety recommendation Wednesday for Chevrolet Bolt owners: If you’re pulling into a parking deck, keep your car at least 50 feet away from other vehicles.

A customer’s concern about the safety of leaving their electric vehicle in a parking garage led the automaker to provide the additional guidance to owners of the Bolts, all of which GM has recalled, spokesman Dan Flores said.

All it takes is one bad cell to set off the whole thing ....

It seems a volt has 288 of em


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