From the creators of civilization (dragon testimonies)



Mar 4, 2015
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As dragon said in: Jesus – Moses – Civilization – Conversation with the dragon

The main point of the game is that these advanced monkeys, the pontificate, the leading priesthood etc—despite the fact that they don’t understand the gist—they intuitively catch on that they can blackmail, they have a connection, although they can’t make heads or tails out of it. ))
Those people catch on that they are necessary… unclear for what, but someone is fighting for their existence, someone very strong, it means that they can get smart and screw around. )
They also know, although mechanically, something about rules and technologies…
And now they’re dumb-founded, hysterical and pluck at hair, not understanding anything from what’s happening, and nothing’s working anymore, from what they “knew”…
Here is where this whole contagion comes from, all the sh*t has come to the top, even the hyper-secret technologies of cabalists, illuminati and other scum…)

Dragon, from the: Testimony: Jeshua and Judas – intersections – know/don’t know

If you put a mirror in front of a monkey, it will become its own problem whether to look into it or not…
But it doesn’t mean that everyone will be doing the same.
Monkeys didn’t want to look into the mirror, and they also still didn’t look this time…
But it doesn’t mean that someone didn’t as well… ;)
Get it?
Because this someone became smarter, richer and more knowledgeable, and the monkeys… er… as always… ))
Try to understand this… It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what this someone does…
And not for you, dreamers and freebie fanatics, but for himself…
If you’ve cut down a tree, for instance, and made yourself a staff out of it, it doesn’t mean that the tree also travels by your side. ))


Dragon, from the: Testimony: Egypt, Moses, Jesus, Civilization

For that reason they implemented the “contingency plan”…
And so they won a bit of time… Do you understand?
These people, bitches, are satisfied with everything, live like pigs. As long as the food is hearty and life is sweet…
The time is won not for them, but for us, for those who develop and are associated with monkeys by mistake. )
It’s us who’re trying to fix the mistake, and people are indifferent, they agree to live like this, like lustful pigs)
But it’s their problem…
But Moses and Jesus succeeded in everything, judging by what’s happening right now. )
They won the time and we found the solution…



..and concerning a civilization, the particularity of this present time is as follows.
Earlier dragons were simply giving you civilizations and vectors.
They were doing that that by simply taking peoples or creating peoples from tribes,
and giving them a vector of development, a civilization.
And what did it lead to?
To nothing, people lose what is given to them for free.
Nothing else will be given.
You will either figure out by yourselves how civilization is arranged and create your own one,
or Antichrist will come and arrange you your “prosperity” : )

This is excellent time, when it is possible to practically observe our own prophecies : )

For now there is no sign that people understand what civilization is.
Why everything collapses, despite the fact that everything is excellent both in economy and technology.
Even the most intelligent and scientists confuse a civilization with a horde and devil knows what else with,
by speaking about technologies and economy, about religion, rituals etc, a similar kind of a crap.
They do that while they have testimonies about how eras and civilizations were created twice, on hand.
(it is written in the Bible about Moses and Jesus)

We will wait and observe then…

Illuminati, by the way, are "educated madmen", technologists, magicians, etc. crap
They are in spite of everything dependent on the civilization, although it enrages them.
They are parasites if they can't exist separately, independently.
And they don't want to enter symbiosis, it means that the End will come to them as well...
But they understand it already, unlike from you, and they try to undertake something...


Try… spend a long time reading, thoughtfully, every word, everything here is a revelation, as it is.


...and bang your head against it until it goes in, what else is there to do with you…


Something that was given to people, will be taken.
It is already started.

Good luck!...

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