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Firms headed for cloud security 'wake-up' call


Mar 8, 2010
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Firms headed for cloud security 'wake-up' call | Tech News on ZDNet

Like it or not, businesses are headed for a cloud security "wake-up" call, which can happen within the next two to three years, according to a security analyst.

Magnus Kalkuhl, senior virus analyst at Kaspersky Lab, noted in an interview that cloud computing is still at a very early stage and aspects such as standards or even security experiences that would otherwise help companies be more judicious in their cloud implementations, are "missing".

Speaking to ZDNet Asia during a stopover in Singapore, Kalkuhl cited the example of the LoveLetter worm that plagued companies and individuals in 2000. Also know as the I Love You virus, the worm appeared as an attachment and when executed, deleted multimedia files as well as attempted to infect machines of other users listed in the first victim's Microsoft Outlook address book.

When the attack emerged, Microsoft fixed the issue in Outlook so that attachments could no longer be executed automatically. "The whole world learned a lesson [from the incident, as] to what e-mail security really meant," he said, noting that in principle, the security loophole could have been easily identified.

a friend f mine works in a computer fixit shop-i asked him about this cloud stuff-motely fool
claims it will succeed the pc as the next big thing -my frind beat this article by a few months-what do you guys think? will they barrel forward blindly and make a mess?
or is there a real value is this thing?

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