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FALN terrorist anniversary....Cuba needs to send terrorist back....


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Jul 19, 2014
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It is the anniversary of FALN terrorist bombing of Fraunces Tavern....the son of one of the murder victims is a friend of Dennis Miller and talked today on Miller's radio show about this terrorist group....how eric holder pushed the paperwork for their pardon on behalf of hilary clinton......and for current events...the groups bomb maker has been hiding in Cuba....the son, who lost his father to the terrorists at the age of 9, wants the asshole returned to the U.S. to serve his 80 year prison sentence.....

Fraunces Tavern - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia


A bomb was exploded in the building on January 24, 1975, killing four people and injuring more than 50 others. The Puerto Ricanextremist nationalist group "Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña" (Armed Forces of Puerto Rican National Liberation, or FALN), which had executed other bomb incidents in New York in the 70's, claimed responsibility. No one had been prosecuted for the bombing as of April 17, 2013.[18][19]

Among the victims who died was a young banker, Frank Connor (33), who had worked his way up over 15 years from clerk to assistant vice president at Morgan Guaranty Trust. Connor left behind his wife and two sons. A second New York worker was Harold H. Sherburne (66), whose career on Wall Street spanned four decades. Two executives, James Gezork (32), of Wilmington, Delaware, and Alejandro Berger (28), who worked for a Philadelphia-based chemical company, had traveled to New York for business meetings. Sherburne, Connor, and Berger died at the scene; Gezork died later at the hospital.

In a note police found in a phone booth nearby, the FALN wrote, “we … take full responsibility for the especially detornated (sic) bomb that exploded today at Fraunces Tavern, with reactionary corporate executives inside.” The note explained that the bomb — roughly 10 pounds of dynamite that had been crammed into an attaché case and slipped into the tavern’s entrance hallway — was retaliation for the “CIA ordered bomb” that killed three and injured 11 in a restaurant in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico two weeks earlier. As of December 2012 a memorial plaque with some victims' names is hung in the Tavern's large dining room.

william the wie

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Nov 18, 2009
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Justice is the opposite of what Obama and the Ds want.

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