End the Fed!

You would, child.

Meanwhile, back on topic:

It would be wonderful if Congress would agree with Rep. Massie and his proposed bill and thereby eliminate the Fed.
I agree. Eliminate the Fed, but don’t let that stop you from pissing on the Toddster.
Rep Massie just introduce a bill 110 years overdue, to End the Federal Reserve.

The Fed is NOT vital to the US economy, just the opposite. It's the worlds biggest financial vampire sucking the prosperity out of America

Here's what's happened to the value of the US$ since the creation of the Federal Reserve

The only time it gained in value was when Harding/Coolidge/Mellon gave them the gigantic double middle finger



The decline in the purchasing power of the US dollar can be influenced by a variety of factors beyond just the policies of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

While the Fed's monetary policies, such as interest rate adjustments and quantitative easing or QE, play a significant role in shaping the value of the dollar, other factors can also contribute to its decline.

Factors such as inflation, economic growth, geopolitical events, trade deficits, and public debt levels can all impact the value of the dollar.

Inflation erodes the purchasing power of a currency, while economic growth and trade imbalances can affect investor confidence in the currency. Geopolitical events and global economic conditions can also influence the dollar's value in the foreign exchange markets.

Therefore, while the Fed's policies are important in determining the value of the US dollar, it is essential to consider a range of economic, political, and global factors that can collectively contribute to its decline in purchasing power.

The Fed should be a stupid scapegoat? That's probably what that politician think. Does he really know anything about what he said? He really knows things about pros and cons of fiat currency? lol. :)
most worthy of watching , thx Mr B....~S~
I was unaware of that podcaster.

Yeah, he is really quite entertaining. He is the only guy that I actually stop everything I am doing to listen to. Every other podcast, I do "multitasking," and other work while listening. I love folks that go the extra mile to separate fact from fiction- and will really look into esoteric, banned, and buried knowledge. This is a great resource IMO.

I sometimes get behind on his stuff. He drops a YouTube video every Thursday night at 8pm, but I usually just watch two or three weeks worth in a sitting when I forget.

I wish I had discovered his shit before Dale had passed on, IMO, he would have loved him.

I believe his team has Spotify podcast for shit that YouTube censors, I've never checked that out. I'm too lazy and busy. lol

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