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  • Hey Itfitz...I don;'t really think that the world wars were stemmed from "Maltusian" forces.

    It wasn't like overall production wasn't high enough to support the population in any of the eempires that were involved.

    I send this as a PM (my first ever on this board, I think) because you are one the few people here whose posts regarding ECON are worthy of consideration and because this minor point isn't really worthy of posting on the public board.

    WWI was an extremely unfortunate clash of Empires. (have you read Guns of August? If you haven't you'll probably love it)

    But WWI motivated by a struggle for colonial markets.

    It was an incredibly stupid war in that England, Germany, Austria, France and Russia were so economic dependent on each other thanks to international trade.

    It was so stupid that it's almost hard to believe it happened.

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