E. J. Carroll Says Trump Has Behaved Like An A** The Last Year, Yet This Is Only Her Opinion.....And This Is How The Left Plants Fake News


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Jul 21, 2009
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E. Jean Carrol says she's not worried about Trump winning. She bases here "opinions" on "He's Been Acting Like An A** This Year".

She can't point to anything specific besides her hatred for Trump. What it amounts to is pure projection.

Democrats (and Trump critics in general) can only project their hatred for Trump to use as validation for their statements about the man.

They have to have their talking-points supplied to them for them to have anything to say at all.

Don't forget, she dwells in the same community where it was said, "I don't know how President Reagan could have won the election. I don't know anyone who voted for him."

She is a liar and a douchebag, and there is only one reason on God's green earth why she would be quoted in any publication - to further the massive slander campaign against President Trump.

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