Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals ‘devastating’ Covid vaccine injury, says doctors have been ‘censored’

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Feb 7, 2019
Former federal MP Dr Kerryn Phelps has revealed she and her wife both suffered serious and ongoing injures from Covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to underreporting and “threats” from medical regulators.

In an explosive submission to Parliament’s Long Covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the “devastating” experience — emerging as the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject.

“This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation,” the 65-year-old said.

Censored and threatened doctors?...I'm shocked !
Well they didn't want misinformation to spread while they were feeding the useful idiots misinformation ....ya know to defend grandma's everywhere and demockwacy
We have passed the Tipping Point and the damning facts are slowly trickling through to the .Sheeple .

If I was a WEF member I would be getting the next more effective pandemic moving as fast as possible before the Sheeple fully realise how they have been lied to and deceived on such a massive scale .

Otherwise the Evil Ones will find themselves ripped to shreds on the streets so that getting to court may become their safest option .
Before a few are shot -- fat chance .
Only the most dense & indoctrinated still believe the BS about "safe & effective".
They are the ones still lining up for more boosters & will continue to do so for as long as told.

I do feel sad for them but it's their own willful ignorance that is ultimately to blame


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