Don't pick on Melania boyz and girlz ... .


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Jun 27, 2016
Don't pick on First Lady-elect Melania anymore or else she may use the power of her purse -- which is quite powerful -- against you.

The subtlety of "defamation" as opposed to libel/slander is interesting however.

Defamation is when you publicize something that is true but which you had a duty to keep confidential.

Libel and slander are when you publicize something that is false.

Anyway, I hope she does not get mad at me for checking out her unclothed photos on the Internet.

Sorry Melania -- the devil made me do it.

I am happy for Pres-elect Donald however. Nice trophy wife.

Melania Trump Sues Two Websites For Defamation - CBSN Live Video - CBS News

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