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melania trump

  1. deanrd

    Einstein Visa Recipient, Melania Trump, Finally Admits She's A Dropout

    Melania, the Einstein Visa Recipient for the Best Implants, Nude Modeling and Ability To Speak 27 Languages While Modeling Chain Metal Nipple Covers, barely made it through ONE year of college. You guys, a first inkling that Melania may be a dirty liar is the fact that not only can she not speak...
  2. March4Trump

    Trump Whats your Sign On march4Trump?

    Let's See how much attend on #March4Trump on March 4th? What will be your Sign on this campaign? It will be great if you come with your family/friend. Because it's time to show our support to our president. Ofcourse try to come with Sign, Poster, Tshirt, Banner etc what you think. We will just...
  3. L

    Melania Trump from TRANS New Town: Michelle Obama to Disarm US citizens: script line source

    Trump town: Melania from TRANS New Town: Michelle, Disarm US citizens Melania Trump from Novo mesto, Slovenia - where this BIG BANG script line comes from Introduction - added Feb 2, 2017 Illuminati media headlines: Melania Trump, America's low-profile first lady Transcript: - She was also...
  4. Y

    Don't pick on Melania boyz and girlz ... .

    Don't pick on First Lady-elect Melania anymore or else she may use the power of her purse -- which is quite powerful -- against you. The subtlety of "defamation" as opposed to libel/slander is interesting however. Defamation is when you publicize something that is true but which you had a duty...

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