1. deanrd

    Trump supporters try to hire scam artists to accuse Pete Buttigieg of sexual assault and male rape

    Hunter Kelly: 'I was used and set up in a big scheme' The Ferris State University student, who identifies as a gay conservative, claims that’s when he was coerced by Wohl into going along with a lie that Buttigieg sexually assaulted and raped him. “I told them I was not comfortable with that...
  2. Y

    Don't pick on Melania boyz and girlz ... .

    Don't pick on First Lady-elect Melania anymore or else she may use the power of her purse -- which is quite powerful -- against you. The subtlety of "defamation" as opposed to libel/slander is interesting however. Defamation is when you publicize something that is true but which you had a duty...

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