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Donald Trump - "Liberal or Conservative?"



Watching Donald Trump this morning on "Morning Joe", he made two interesting comments:

OPEC is bleeding us dry. Every time our stock market improves, they raise their prices and just suck the money out of us. Then he talked about how new houses should have solar panels on the roof.

China thinks our politicians are the dumbest in the world. They sell us dolls made with lead based paint and politicians struggle to keep our markets open to them, but they tax any goods we sell them, but we sell so little because of all their taxes and tariffs. They openly talk at business meetings he has in China about how they take advantage of us. Open market to them is a joke because it's only one way. They make sure of that.
He said any Chinese product should have a 50% tarrif or tax on it.

I always thought of him as a "conservative", but from what he said this morning, he sounds like a "liberal".
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May 6, 2007
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Conservative for sure. Blame high oil on OPEC and not speculators.

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