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May 30, 2006
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Another example of libs dumbing down education in America

More state tests discounted under relaxed state rule

Associated Press
Published March 28, 2007, 6:04 PM CDT
CHICAGO -- Almost 300,000 reading and math tests taken by Illinois students in 2006 were discounted because the state relaxed a rule under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, according to a published report.

The number of unreported tests is more than five times the number the previous year, the Chicago Tribune reported in its Wednesday edition.

According to federal guidelines, schools are evaluated on tests taken by students enrolled for a "full academic year," which each state defines.

In 2006, Illinois changed its rule so that students must be enrolled by May 1 of the previous school year to be counted. Before 2006, Illinois counted test scores for students enrolled by Oct. 1 of that school year.

The change meant that 53 schools statewide dodged the federal failing schools list for 2006. Schools on the list face sanctions like allowing students to transfer to other schools.

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