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Nov 29, 2008
People all seem to have their own ideology of what Gomorrah is. For those can hear it be it known that it is that place in the spirit where injustices take place by those who are the dishonorable yet claim to be 'the honorable' and 'upright'.

Their fears of what they have done that Julian exposed apparently is illegal but what Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Clinton and all with their deceit and lies is perfectly okay. I agree with the speaker here in this video. Julian exposed their nasty asses and now they believe it is okay to treat him with disdain and abuse. Julian exposing them was not a threat to this nation but those who believe that they are above the law are definitely a threat to "Liberty" and this nation. Personally I won't get over Rod and I being called a terrorist when the bank committed fraud and the fraudulent court records were used in their attempt to extort us into silence. They are all criminal fascist.

May justice find all of those who have tried and done their best to undermine the fabric of our nation. May Julian be blessed for bringing to light to what they were doing.


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