freedom of the press

  1. RodISHI

    "Disgraceful Times"

    People all seem to have their own ideology of what Gomorrah is. For those can hear it be it known that it is that place in the spirit where injustices take place by those who are the dishonorable yet claim to be 'the honorable' and 'upright'. Their fears of what they have done that Julian...
  2. Pogo

    Spicer Threatens the Free Press

    Note the forum: "US Constitution" -- not Current Events or Politics. This is not (particularly) a story about Sean Spicer. It is a story about the First Amendment and whether it can be curtailed at will. Spicer Threatens Legal Action over AP Report >> Former White House press secretary Sean...
  3. P@triot

    Freedom of Press

    An interesting issue. On the one hand, freedom of the press is critical and the New York Times is in the business of press - not National Security. On the other hand, the NY Times just revealed the identity of an operative - essentially providing a national security secret to our enemies. At...
  4. citizenal

    America is Brainwashed

    In my book, “100 Years of Deception”, I establish that the Media in the United States is no longer free but instead, is controlled by Zionist influences the purpose of which is to ensure that Americans continue support our wars of aggression against the Muslims and people of the Middle East. I...

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