Dennis Rodman offers to help with Kim/Donald avoid war


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Feb 13, 2013
Its all over the news, so I didn't put a link because most media is biased. Google it.
Although it seems absolutely cray cray...maybe he CAN do something, weird as it seems. He friends with both of them. Maybe we need a cray cray to speak to a cray cray and everyone gets semi sane again?

Your thoughts?
Adding news links is your perogative. I trust none, nor want to hear their clucking and pecking, so that is why I did not post a link to any particular "source". (This latest brou haha over Melania tweeting to "read a book and going on a journey" and the nasty responses she got was enough for me today).
Rodman would forever be the hero of the Korean people if he would simply jam a ball-point pen through Kim's left eye and the bone behind during a visit.
Last time he went to visit his buddy, that college student was released althuogh he died as soon as he got home. Still, beats dying in that shithole and he was with family. I don't know if Rodman had a hand in that, but I'm betting he did.

Just maybe he can do something about Fatboy's desire to start a war? And if he CAN, who woulda thunk wwIII was avoided by...drumroll..DENNIS RODMAN??? lol!!
Yes. Tortured and a vegetable. But like I least his parents got closure and he died with them instead of that stinkhole.
I was a Detroit Pistons fan back in the day of the Bad Boys era that included the young Rodman. Now however, the fact he can be friends with a nutbag murderer, fuck him. As someone else said, use Rodman like a tracking device. Secretly plant a bug on him and send him over to visit Fatboy, and then bomb the fuck out of Rodman's location.

End of story.

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