1. AveryJarhman

    "President Trump Says He Is Halting FEMA Wildfire Aid To Calif."

    #TheLargerIssue #SingleParenting #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions "President Trump Says He Is Halting FEMA Wildfire Aid To Calif." President Trump Says He Is Halting FEMA Wildfire Aid To Calif. Thank you Donald Trump for shaming and punishing our California...
  2. BookShaka

    North Korean military parade features floats and flowers

    No long-range missiles, North Korea military parade features floats and flowers — Reuters More proof Trump is ruining the world.
  3. BookShaka

    CDZ A look at Trump’s racism—is it as bad as people think?

    Interesting read. If you don’t (want to) read the article, please refrain from participating in the thread if you’d be so kind. The point here is to argue the points made in the article. I know some people will likely have the urge to answer the question the title poses without reading the...
  4. Gracie

    Dennis Rodman offers to help with Kim/Donald avoid war

    Its all over the news, so I didn't put a link because most media is biased. Google it. Although it seems absolutely cray cray...maybe he CAN do something, weird as it seems. He friends with both of them. Maybe we need a cray cray to speak to a cray cray and everyone gets semi sane again? Your...
  5. Peony

    Some Things just aren’t Funny

    Yesterday, purported comedian Kathy Griffin received the attention she obviously craves by posing for a photograph holding a model of Donald Trump’s blood soaked severed head. (You can view the image here: Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Shocking Photo Shoot (PHOTO + VIDEO)) The Secret...
  6. protectionist

    Muslim Ban - Proper or Not ?

    Liberals have made it a consistent practice to align themselves with minority groups of all sorts. In so doing, they add on voting blocs to empower themselves politically. What we as conservatives should do is be aware of everything we must do to defend ourselves from harm. If this includes...
  7. Never3ndr

    Anybody Else Ready for Trump v Hillary?

    I'm (obviously) not a fan of Trump, but, like many people here, I'm also not a fan of Hillary. With that in mind, the one good thing that Trump is great at is being sort of like the internet troll of politicians and just saying outrageously inflammatory or controversial statements. With the...
  8. AveryJarhman

    The President Holds his 2015 End-of-Year Press Conference

    President Barack Obama, "I’ve never been more optimistic about a year ahead than I am right now. And in 2016, I’m going to leave it out all on the field." Reading this comment has filled me with hope that Mr. and Mrs. Obama, America's premier parental figures, will find the strength and courage...

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