1. The Original Tree

    Iran Will Accidentally Detonate a Nuke on Themselves.

    I happen to read a lot about Iran's Nuclear Program. These people aren't very smart, and it's like trying to teach monkeys how to make fire. They just don't have the technical know how, and because they are being watched closely, they essentially are being tutored from afar. I also believe...
  2. Cellblock2429

    Lurch Kerry quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft

    Kerry quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft - The Boston Globe /——-/ Did this assclown get the memo he’s no longer SOS? I hope the president slams him for interfering.
  3. Gracie

    Dennis Rodman offers to help with Kim/Donald avoid war

    Its all over the news, so I didn't put a link because most media is biased. Google it. Although it seems absolutely cray cray...maybe he CAN do something, weird as it seems. He friends with both of them. Maybe we need a cray cray to speak to a cray cray and everyone gets semi sane again? Your...
  4. Motti

    It is Not Just North Korea But Asia That is in US Crosshairs

    Imagine that you lead the US deep state, and you are observing the real-time flow of Western technology, industry and next-generation skills to the East with alarm. How will you reverse this trend with one master stroke and temporarily staunch the decline of Pax Americana? A rapid...

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