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Democrats thinking they need more candidates from California


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Jan 12, 2012
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been called to Washington DC and rumors are starting that he is being groomed to be the next Democrat Presidential Candidate.

Eric Garcetti , "the first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles" has had a privileged life, being the son of L.A. Mayor Gil Garcetti (who looks like a gay alien from outer space)

Russian Jewish / Mexican/ Italian , his great grandfather was a judge who was hung in the Mexican Revolution. (surprisingly, no information found about his corruption) (...and most likely a Commie)

Eric Garcetti is a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve Information Dominance Corps. (sounds like he participates in intelligence and collects money off the title, probably never been to boot camp a day in his life)

Eric Garcetti is married and the couple has a Mexican adopted "daughter"

Unfortunately California has had a rash of phony elections in modern times, and the last campaign Garcetti won, I have no idea who the challenger was, ...but they had no chance of winning. This man is SELECTED into politics. (I guess Hillary Clinton said he's going to be President someday, like it's random right?)

Other than supporting left-wing kooky policy , this man's political record is probably squeaky clean, because whatever he wants they give him, out here.

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