Democratic Infighting


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Nov 22, 2003
Under a bus, make that a Mack Truck. Yeah I know the Republicans are having problems, but one of the benefits of being minority is your fights are less loud:
Murtha for Majority Leader
Posted By Uncle Jimbo

I was sad when the Dems won Congress last Tuesday, but less than a week later they have given me hope. The Congressional Black Caucus is demanding a committee chair because the one held by Rep. Jefferson went away when the bribe cash in his freezer thawed out. The problem is their senior hog lined up for this trough is Alcee Hastings who was impeached for bribery as a federal judge, and to give him a chair they would have to throw Jane Harman under a bus, plus it would be the Intel Committee. Boy that's tough to swallow eh?

Plus every liberal interest group on earth is taking responsibility for their win and demanding their just rewards. Problem again is that these groups may have put up the money and volunteers etc., but the Dems came to power running conservative candidates. They won on a throw the bums out feeling, not a "let's socialize medicine' or "let's sign Kyoto" sentiment. Fortunately the special interests don't care about that and it will be fun to watch the new leadership try to keep all of those yapping lap dogs and their extreme positions at bay.

To make it even better they are having a fight for the #2 gig in the House and Nancy P has already tossed a decent man, Steny Hoyer who deserves the job, under another bus. This mass transit is killing them. See Nancy wants to make sure that nobody misunderstands the Dem position on cutting and running, so she needs Jack Murtha as #2 since he masterminded the cunning redeployment plan to Okinawa. If I thought Congress was really supposed to do important things this would be truly sad, but I don't and consequently will sit back giggling and watch the rest of the clown car empty.

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