Could left wing and right wing groups form a political party?


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May 22, 2017
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Simply because left wing groups and right wing groups hate each other and disagree on almost everything doesn't necessarily mean they can't form a party together.

There is one thing no one seems to have noticed during the storming of the capital. The mob was mostly Trump supporters. We also noticed that there was a smaller number of far left counter-protestors who were fighting the Trump supporters. However, when the police opened the doors to the capitol, the groups stopped fighting with each other and they seemed more interested in running around the capitol engaging in mayhem. There was even a video of a left wing agitator and a wing agitator joking around together and laughing about having defecated and urinated on the floor of the senate.

Could a desire to "smash the system" be enough common ground for a mob of misfits to band together and form a political party? BLM and the Proud Boys have held joint rallies before, so there has been some cooperation in the past.

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