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Cool Stuff: Bug-A-Salt, The Crowd Funded Fly Killing Weapon


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
This is awesome and I wish I had this for my contracts overseas. Nothing sucks like getting pestered by flies and mosquitoes while at some post or while eating your food. Worse yet, when trying to sleep and you have insects keeping you awake or sucking your blood…yeah, I like this weapon. lol

The really cool stuff is that the inventor crowd sourced this thing at IndieGoGo and raised $577,606 to get it off the ground. Everyone that donated received one gun.

Now if you would like to get one yourself, go to their website to get one. This would be the perfect gift for the contractor or soldier this Christmas or whenever. We will be ready for the bugs next spring and summer!

Also, there is another angle on this that is equally compelling. If you look at flies and mosquitoes as a target or enemy, then this weapon called the bug-a-salt will contribute to the war on killing these pests. It is a fun and unique way of killing a despised pest that spreads disease and filth. That to me is offense industry, where you create an industry that profits off the destruction of an enemy or target.

This toy/weapon is selling like hotcakes and each gun represents a certain amount of killing power. Now will it eradicate flies? I doubt it. But what is significant is that the weapon and it’s concept, motivates a large amount of people to buy it and kill insects with it, and thus feed a toy manufacturing plant to make more to feed the demand. The reward is making the destruction of flies fun! Pretty cool and check it out. -Matt

Bug-A-Salt website here. http://www.bugasalt.com/&r=cat&cat=33,


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