CNN analyst: "I've never seen a witness who's lied to Congress, who's lied to court, who's lied to the IRS, who's lied to the Southern District ...

You know the prosecution has nothing left to stand on when their star witness has lied on so many occasions. What will be the prosecution's claims "oh, but now he's telling the truth."

Their other star witness is a fruit cake, who has told so many different variations about the same story, that nothing she says can be trusted.
Yeh, it's not OK to lie to a court

unless you are lying about Trump

and it always helps to already be a convicted liar
Harry Reid Admits He Lies On The Senate Floor | National Review
Reid has no regrets about accusing Mitt Romney, without evidence, of failing to pay his taxes. “Well, they can call it whatever they want,” Reid told CNN, as Andrew noted. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”
You can never trust what a Marxist/Demofascist says, because they "Always" lie.
Worse, a Joe Bribem voter.

What a lackluster waste Cohen has been. Not even the most rabid lemmings are hyped up about this 'testimony'. Even the liberal media appears unable to come up with a single salient talking point. This clown show just keeps destroying itself.
We will see what defense exam does with it. Cohen did as well as could be expected, but it might not be enough. The saving grace is that everyone has a preconceived notion of what is Trump: dirt.

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