Cmdr of USS McCain Shows Us That America Will Lose Every War Now

“Cmdr. Cameron Yaste, the Commanding Officer of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56), fires at the 'killer tomato' during a gun shoot.”

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1. That optic is backwards!
2. Lens caps are on
3. From his shoulder to his grip to his stance, he's holding the rifle like he has never in his life fired a rifle. You wouldn't even hold your grandpa's hunting rifle this way, much less an AR-pattern gun.
4. Why is someone touching his shoulder while he is firing?!
5. Why is he looking through the optic with his shades on?!

But I bet he knows his proper pronouns.
And conducts sensitivity training with his crew every week.

You think, ok, stupid pic of a Dufus.

The United States Navy posted the photo to show the world how tough and ready America is.

I thought the McCain was the ship that was hacked in 2017 and made to steer into a cargo I think the Navy might just be full of morons
In his defense if it is real it’s almost certain someone handed him the rifle to use that way, and the commander is trying to pretend to be “one of the boys”.
I don’t think top brass in the navy spend a lot of time at the range.

The internet is full of out of touch people at the top trying to connect to the common man. Kind of reminds me of when Zuk was praising Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce. It just comes off and painfully awkward.
Very few in the Navy spend a lot of time at the range.
The first thing you learn in tactical training is to keep your elbow down. Even actors on tv shows get that much right.
I know what the mount is called, what does that have to do with the proportions looking off?
You asked if you could mount the optic backwards. If you are familiar with picatinny rails, you know the answer.

Sorry... Quoted the wrong post.

My fault.
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