Chrys Oynes, assoc. director of Offshore Energy and Minerals Management - retires



The departure was welcomed on Capitol Hill.

MMS drilling official retires in oil spill fallout | World news |

During his tenure at the Gulf regional office in Louisiana for the MMS, Chris Oynes played a central role in an offshore leasing foul-up that cost taxpayers an estimated $10 billion in lost revenue. The Interior Department's inspector general called the matter "a jaw-dropping example of bureaucratic bungling." Despite that, the agency's then-director promoted Mr. Oynes in 2007 to associate director for the offshore program.

Chris Oynes, MMS Official, To Step Down In Wake Of Gulf Oil Spill

promoted in 2007 to associate director in charge of all offshore activities (Under the Bush Administration)

MMS Offshore Drilling Chief to Retire - ABC News

Another appointee from under the Bush Administration. Why doesn't that surprise me?

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