Caravan Park Britain....that gun control doesn't seem to be sticking...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yep.....Britain still has gun crime...even after confiscating guns from people who don't use guns to commit crimes....

Somerset caravan park shooting: Son 'saw father shot dead at close range' - BBC News

A man has described seeing his father being shot dead by a neighbour in their caravan park home in Somerset.

At Bristol Crown Court, Wilfie Isaacs Jnr, 22, described how he was shot and his father killed with the same weapon.

Tensions had been running high between the Broadway and Isaacs families, who lived at the Chubbard's Cross caravan site near Ilminster, for almost two years, the court has heard.

Charlie, John and Billy Broadway deny murder and attempted murder.

Bristol Crown Court has heard the shooting happened on 5 May, following an earlier violent altercation between Charlie Broadway, 24, his two brothers-in-law, Joseph Finney and Riley Jones, and Mr Isaacs, 49, and his son.

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