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Canada wants to call a National Emergency and enforce quarantines, but, according to MP our police history is the reason they won't


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Aug 6, 2012
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I don't have a link because it was stated live in an interview that Canada is hesitant to enforce strict laws because of our history of policing. Meaning the RCMP and other covert operatives in Ontario specifically who have a history of destroying our civil liberties. Everything from Agent Provocateurs, which is still a "valid police method" in horse and buggy Canada, in fact, it's their bread and butter to go out and commit crimes while dragging in youth; to leaks of what the police were going to do in a broad sweeping arrest and imprisonment of communists.

There is plenty in between, especially with abuses against indigenous people and the poor in Ontario. The government is hearing from their constituents clearly as they try to build trust with Canadians about staying home, frankly, our citizens don't trust those who are supposed to enforce these laws. It's the only time Canadians actually care about civil liberties...when they see THEY are going to be the one abused. The most rebellious seem to be the U.S Snowbirds who have gotten used to U.S liberty.

It's already been leaked and/or suspected, they are using cellphone GPS to see if "certain people" are congregating. The government denied it, then went on to say "we aren't ruling out using any method". So we know what that means.

It's created more tension in the country in regards to a recovery in the future as citizens are not only hurting (Ontario has given a few billions and breaks on our already overpriced heating), but, businesses most impacted are given a 10% wage top up...this, while companies have lost 90% of business and we have approx 2M claiming EI, with more to come. You had 3M and you're a far bigger economy and population.
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Dec 7, 2012
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Balance your concerns here with the epidemic of a century ago when here at least --- don't know about Canada -- our government took the opposite approach, deliberately lied about the pandemic's existence, censored the news and let hundreds of thousands die from INaction.

In that one, you didn't get arrested for congregating --- you got arrested for printing the truth about what was going on.

That in fact is why it got called the "Spanish Flu" even though it most definitely didn't spawn in Spain. Because Spain was the major affected country that was NOT lying about it.

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