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Jul 28, 2015
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At a Tea Party

There I was on shore duty recently assigned to a training command as an instructor and freshly married. My young frau had talked me into an outing at popular amusement park that was owned by a major provider of alcoholic refreshments. Thor would have loved the place except the free samples were all green and left a nasty after taste. But back to my story...

We had been there a while and had done a few rides and took in some shows and toured the stables where the Claysdales were. Then while walking along we came upon a man with his cart. He was quite the convincing salesman in advertising his goods. A fair sized crowd was gathering about his little entrepreneurial enterprise. It appears that he guaranteed everyone that he could make it rain all he needed was someone to assist him. Then just as he started asking for said help my young sweetheart stepped forward with a sharp dagger look in my direction as she did so..... Of course the hand in the middle of her back pushing forward might of had something to do with that last part.

Needless to say the enthusiastic salesman took it all in good grace. He welcomed such quick response to his request with zeal. He asked her name and then started telling her what needed to be done for his miracle to occur. First he had her put on a large raincoat and a big floppy hat. He started providing her with the tools she would need such as a large sheet of thin metal to create the thunder and other such vital equipment to make the marvel occur. She created the thunder and the like then... She got soaked!

My rain goddess was lovely.


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