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Brian Stelter And The Runaway SUV


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Jul 21, 2009
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Reliable Sources With Brian Stelter - 11_00_00 AM (13).jpg

Brian Stelter......one of CNN's least effective talking-heads.
His OPINIONS have so little to do with the facts that it laughable.
CNN and the Washington Post have latched onto the premise that an SUV killed 6 people in a Christmas Parade.....not a crazed black supremacist. Purhaps he saw this story on SAED News.

I guess the legacy media thinks they can get away with putting out stories about an SUV driving through the crowd.......by pushing an agenda that one of the left's most hated cars did the dirty deed.

"At least five people have been killed and 40 others wounded after a sports utility vehicle sped through a Christmas holiday parade in the US state of Wisconsin, authorities said."

In Brian Stelter's eyes Biden can do no wrong....whereas Trump couldn't do anything right. He feels that everything that has happened in the 10 months Biden has been president has nothing to do with him. But when Trump was president....Stelter felt that Trump was poisoning social media. Trump's Twitter feed was destructive and horrific according to Stelter.

"On the latest NewsBusters Podcast, we reflect on the amazing lack of self-awareness demonstrated by CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter as he led off his show Sunday with a commentary suggesting that other news outlets were partisan, and disparaged the president based on "feelings over facts."​
Stelter thinks it's counter-factual to blame Biden for anything that's going wrong, from new COVID variants to inflation. How dare anyone find a "crisis," or worse yet "crises" under Biden!"​

He calls his show "Reliable Sources". LOL!!!
There's nothing reliable about this guy.....that has become self-evident.

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