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Boston Free Speech Rally not led by White Supremacists and Here is Proof


Old Fogey
Sep 25, 2011
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Lol, the speaker list is composed of a racial/ethnic mix, WTF kind of White Supremacists do that?

Speaker Shiva Ayyadurai

The speaker list
Boston Free Speech

Boston Free Speech organizers plan to start with moment of silence for Charlottesville victim - The Boston Globe

According to a Periscope feed, Deaconess Anne Armstrong of The Healing Church led an the opening ceremony as scheduled, but it was unclear if the the tribute to Heyer, the 32-year-old counterprotester killed in the rally last Saturday in Charlottesville, was included.

Armstrong is the leader of the small Rhode Island cannabis church, which advocates the use of the marijuana in religious rituals and a former write-in R.I. gubernatorial candidate.

The speakers who were scheduled to start shortly after noon were: Dan Hill, Michael Lindskog, Garret Kirkland, Daniel Alejandro Medina, Benjamin/Citizen D’Amour, Donnie Palmer, Rinaldo Del Gallo, Rod Webber, and Tammy Lee.

The rally’s headliners who were scheduled to get started around 1:40 p.m. included Liberterian US Congress candidate Samson Racioppi, Republican US Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, right-wing extremist and staunch Trump supporter Kyle Chapman, and conspiracy theorist Joe Biggs, known for his work with Infowars.​

The leftwing media is disgracing itself and the position of the Fourth Estate.

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