Boebert Calls For Sex-Ed To Be Removed From Schools Entirely


And my mother did a more than adequate job of teaching me all I needed to know.

I think my sex ed was limited to "You can fall in love with a rich man just as well as with a poor man." I thought that was pretty awful then, but I ended up making the same point to my daughter. Same words -------------
She's have done the same thing with or without being informed about perversion sex. A lot of girls basically need to learn to say no.

She got pregnant in high school through perverted sex?
They never had sex education when I went to school but yet when the time came I somehow knew how to fuck a girl.
But she didn't enjoy it...
Just imagine if you were taught how to make her enjoy it by the time you were at least 40
You probably wouldn't be so miserable now...
When did it become normal for government employees to teach our kids about sex?
Glad you asked......

"Health reformers in 19th-century America associated bodily discipline with ideal manhood, and used sex-ed manuals to propagate that message. The Reverend John Todd's highly popular 1835 Student's Manual encouraged young men to overcome the "secret vice" of masturbation -- As Americans moved from farms—where children might politely observe the mating of the family livestock—to cities rife with temptation, public officials began to see a greater need for classroom instruction about the facts of life. It took rampant STDs during WWI to get the federal government involved in sex ed. A 1919 report from the U.S. Department of Labor's Children's Bureau likewise suggested that soldiers would have been better off if they had received sex instruction in school."

Looks like some form of sex ed - mainly geared at shaming kids for jerking off - has existed since the late 1800's. I am sure there was a whole lot of child grooming going on back then tho....
Lol, the retarded right wants everyone to be as stupid as they are, what a surprise. Knowledge is power and they want children to have no power. The retards need so e one to boss around after all.

Keep in mind that you are talking to a group of people in this board who want their children to be abused in school.

No we are not and that is just dumb.

The other side is not inherently 'evil' even if there are evil people there (as is the truth on both sides). They just view the world differently. Assuming they are evil from the get go is a coping tactic for those that do not want to engage with actual facts.
Boebert is right on this issue. Special interest groups grooming children by calling it sex ed in public schools should have never been allowed in the first place.

I recall the year it went in at the junior high I attended in Southern California. It was claimed then that it was simply going to be an extension of biology. People with foresight knew that sexual perversion would be promoted under the guise of protecting children and sure enough that is what has happened. At the same time all that was going down in the school a couple of lesbians got one of the new houses across from the school bus parking lot. They would put on a show every morning making out in their driveway so all the kids would be sure to see them.

Misfits not only run rampant in today's world but are being promoted and financed by shady groups of the minority forcing legislation on the majority. I am old enough to remember when this would not be tolerated.

Bring back the red light districts so the misfits know where they belong and have a place to go where they are accepted.
My earlier post was removed because I 'needed to srick to the topic'...

With all due respect to the Mods, my comment was SPOT ON!

Boebert is right --

THIS is not 'Sex Ed' - this is 'GROOMING'

THIS is not 'Sex Ed' - this is 'SEXUALIZING' children.

In my earliwr comment I stated:

'Never allow anyone to teach your kids 'Sex Ed' who can't define a 'woman', don't know what bathroom to use. Or who believes a biological male can give birth'.

Evidently some Mod erroneously took it for a joke , it wasn't.

Teachers need teaching degrees and know about the subject they teach. How can one teach 'sex ed' if they know nothing about biology / human anatomy?

Sex Ed is not a course where personal / political opinions or propaganda is taught; yet,in pushing their agenda, teachers and teachers unions have made it clear they intend to teach just that - personal / political opinions and agendas are their top priority.

When ORDERED by law not to teach certain things, e-mails / messages between teacjers unions and teachers were exposed showing Teachers Union officials instructing teachers on how to get around the law and parents to teaxh these things anyway.
- Anyone caught doing this should have theor teacher's license permanently revoked and potentially be charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Numerous scientific studies (some I have posted in other threads) show a chd's mind does not fully develop until.late into their teens. Children are literally mentally not ready for the 'crap' these sick, agenda-driven are forcing onto rgese kids.

One story was posted today about how a young, impressionable, easily manipulated child (they all are) was preyed on at school by teachers trying to Trans-indoctrinate them, told them not to tell their parents, and the child became suicidal.
- This sick SOB should immediately be arrested for child endangerment, have their teaching license stripped, sent to jail, and face a law suit from the parents.

Again, young, impressionable, easily manipulated children who are proven by science to NOT mentally ready for this Trans-Indoctrination / Cross-dresser story time / sexualization / grooming crap are literally being preyed upon by sick, mentally disturbed / depraved leftist who don't give a damn about scientific evidence or the welfare of the child - THAT IS NOT THEIRS!

If you think confising children by telling them there are 37 genders, that tbe definition of a woman is too hard to define,that biological males can give birth, allowing biological males into bathrooms with girls, and sexuaizing children at extremely young ages is not influencing your child's curriculum at school ... if you think having agenda-driven sick liberals who believe these things teach your kids is ok and that they are not sharibg these things with your kids then you are entrusting your kids to WOLVES.

6, 7, 8 yos Don't need to learn how to give blowjobs, perform oral sex, how to pleasure themselves / others, or be taught there are '37' genders in Sex Ed.

If Mods believe this post was not focused enough on rhe topic then delete this one, too.
You must have ruffled someones feathers. It is "spot on" for the subject of the OP.
Education has taken sex education to a new level.

Educators sexually abusing children. You loons can deny it all day but it's an epidemic.

Just stop
There was teachers who were sexually abusing children when I was in school in the 70s. The laws today are definitely more strict than when I was in school, the system set in place in schools today are better than the ones we had when I was in school.
And I did. And why she would not is the study is 20 years old and was found to be based on bad data and bad conclusions, 20 years ago.
No you didn’t constant liar. You can’t show that that isn’t the study referenced. And no you weren’t accused of anything despite what fat retard troll bodecea claims. You on the other hand have thrown out a lot of bullshit claims...
No you didn’t constant liar. You can’t show that that isn’t the study referenced. And no you weren’t accused of anything despite what fat retard troll bodecea claims. You on the other hand have thrown out a lot of bullshit claims...

I gave a link to the study she referenced , which she confirmed by later giving a link to the same study. The study was bull shit, even the author of the study admitted it was flawed.

Of course she accused me of it, even said I should be labeled it. But the Mods did the right thing and removed her post, doing what she did is against the TOS

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