Bloomberg being snookered into fake news reporting


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Jun 19, 2009
Bloomberg should investigate their reporters like
Shannon Pettypiece before they let them on air to ruin their network reputation with false reporting.
INVESTORS DON'T want a financial news network to be unreliable & tabloid like.
I don't know if her source info was flawed and she never investigated it's legitamacy or she intentionally is part of the fake news reporting, but I do know it was not accurate or well researched regarding Don Jr's email and the Russian Lawyer who denies being a Russian Gov't lawyer.
Does Bloomberg know or are they aware of the intent and connections in Washington this reporter Shannon Pettypiece has?
Facts to consider why her reporting sounds missinformed by the NY Times false reports:
1)She worked as a stringer for The New York Times.
2)she ironically covers every opposition propaganda topic.
3)her Russian/ former-Soviet Union focus studies and work connections in China are all Communist related thus seemingly socialist progressive slants she identifies with and would be influenced through such courses.
4)University of Michigan and Ann Arbor have known liberal political leanings especially with the
Socialist Party of Michigan being prominent at the University of Michigan.
5)her husband worked for both
NY Times & Washington Post fake news newspapers.
I am glad you set us straight, I was wondering today who the hell I could trust anymore, now I know to listen only to this forum members for my news because everything else is fake. thank you. BTW I only get my news from here. Such reliable source and posters.
Sarcasm noted but in reality:
Cspan, and PBS because they don't need to sensationalize the news for entrapping viewership=sponsor money.
Notice sometimes CNN and MSNBC are normal reporting in late night early morning hours where viewership isn't whored after by fake news?

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