1. ChemEngineer

    "Low Paid Jobs" is the Constant Whine of Leftists

    Here's a thought experiment that no Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/America-Hater will ever put into practice because the results are so blatantly obvious. Why doesn't some *brilliant* and *compassionate* Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/America-Hater open The High Wage Mart? Every employee earns $25 an...
  2. ChemEngineer

    The Democrat Learning Curve

    Please post examples such as these of Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters. "Depending on what the meaning of 'is' is." - Bill Loathing the Military Clinton
  3. HaShev

    Bloomberg being snookered into fake news reporting

    Bloomberg should investigate their reporters like Shannon Pettypiece before they let them on air to ruin their network reputation with false reporting. INVESTORS DON'T want a financial news network to be unreliable & tabloid like. I don't know if her source info was flawed and she never...
  4. anotherlife

    Conspiracy, or network effect?

    In conspiracy theories, we assume that certain unknown individuals or cartels arrange events using subtle control. In network theory, we assume that control may not have an individual origin, but goes around using connections of the network. Is there a way to device a test to tell these...
  5. American_Jihad

    Facebook/Twitter Censor DHFC'S Jihad Watch

    They'd be better censoring the left's hate... FACEBOOK, TWITTER CENSOR DHFC’S JIHAD WATCH Those who rely on the Big Lie can’t bear the truth being told. March 8, 2017 Robert Spencer ... Did thousands of people who used to click on Jihad Watch articles from Facebook and Twitter suddenly on...
  6. P@triot

    A Soros state of affairs for liberals

    Billionaire socialist and staunch Democrat supporter George Soros is on record with the following: Referred to working for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's as "the best time of his life" Fancies himself as "some kind of god" Desires the creation of a new world Desires the creation of a new...
  7. anotherlife

    Have you been lenient with the communist recently?

    I think I have been too lenient with the communist. Not only did I engage in their discussions, but even allowed them to fool me into agreeing with them on a few things, only to realize that I am an idiot. I have to point out the evil core and evil nature of socialism and I have to show that...

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