Best rub and sauce for ribs/pork


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Dec 11, 2014
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If it isn't mustard based, it doesn't belong on pork
Oh.. I dunno--you can get some great results from fruit chutneys---mixed with some vinegar and brushed on.

I just did a double thick chop with mountain huckleberries that had been canned as a concentrate over an open fire for a smokey flavor--excellent. I used apple juice to thin out the berries. Brushed it on as a glaze.

As for rubs..i agree...a dry rub of mustard, garlic, salt, pepper and brown sugar--works well.
Never been a fan of fruit and meat together. Not sure why. I can eat just about anything with mustard on it though. On pizza day my elementary school lunch lady used to slip me packs of mustard to save the trouble of holding up the line asking for it. I am perhaps the only person I know that has to put mustard on pizza ;)
The fruit is for the acid to break down the fibers not for the flavor.
I always assume it was for the caramelization, but either way, I don't like meat that has been glazed with fruity things.
Oh? What's the last meat you cooked?
Oysters ;)

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