Attacks on credit cards

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Feb 26, 2006
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Target department store's credit card security system was breached recently with millions of credit card numbers and their associated PINs stolen. Even the computer programs that perform the security may have been compromised.

This is but one of a series of massive security breaches of commercial businesses these past few years.

I would not be wrong to say we under state sponsored attacks on our economy. I watched a documentary on Cable TV a couple of days ago and the experts intimated that we are under attack, but wouldn't name the nation(s) responsible. I've eliminated Haiti but that leaves the rest of the world.

The electrical grid and oil processing plants were singled out as two of the most vulnerable to cyber attack.

The DOD has established a Cyber Command to deal with this threat but there doesn't seem to be any national action to retaliate or eliminate the sources of these threats.

This can't go on forever, because it's a drag on people/enterprises doing business and will bring down our economy, way of life and change our manifest destiny.

I've come to enjoy the convenience of using a debit/credit card but even if I returned to writing checks that account info is also sent via cyber space. Cash is a pain and I may have to return to keeping piles of cash on hand to cover daily expenses, but my bank still has to take money from my accounts to pay my bills......cyber space.

Does taking action at the national level mean war, damn right. So far we are taking all the punches, I think it's time we strike back.
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