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Apple and Pegasus Are Secret Lovers

Aug 4, 2021
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I am not going to indulge to much information. I will tell you have video, audio, and documented proof, that Apple and our own Government Agencies tell us publicly they don’t like each other. Apple soothes us with their half-baked Privacy of our users matters lies. A little over a week ago I finally got escalated by Apple support to their Engineering Dept. Apple has the convo recorded. If not I do and copies also. Because of Legal Motions coming soon I’ll just say the Engineer told me to stop saying certain things. He said, “ Brandon compartmentalize until you get your data to your Legal Counsel, and Brandon please be safe, please.” I had been ranting like a crazy person because Apple would not give their Secret Lover up even when I produced logs from two brand new iPhones on two different accounts that show on July 21st 2021 at 2:32 a.m. until 6ish a.m. our phones recorded audio and video on their own 21 different times. I’ll stop there for obvious reasons. I knew what it was and was verbal. Things got serious quickly. I noticed there was location tracking logs also. One was always my vehicle, and always another pin tracking me remotely from different places. I have documentation from the Hospital ER stating my ear drums, lungs , and nose were burned due to exposure to chemical inhalation. Myself, and two other people have video of who and how put me in the ER. I also have video of the same group following me over and over. I recruited two very brave people to help me document what I would not believe if there wasn’t video. I knew I had to have eye witnesses or I would either end up being deemed mentally unstable. Or end in up in the Obits. What this group does is in a sense amazing, and at the same time highly trained with tactical precision. The cost of their time, equipment. The huge logistics combined with the workforce it took. As I’m typing this post my files and emails are being logged into a place called secret activities. I have proof of everything. I do not care what happens to me. I have the evidence in two other places and it will tell the truth. My family is terrified and that’s why I have to make sure that they can’t do this to you or you family, or anyone for that matter. God Bless.


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