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Amazing How Many Are Ignorant of the Federal Budget Process


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May 18, 2010
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Normally the president presents a proposal for a budget to consider.

Don't those budgets fail 100% of the time with 99% of those in Congress rejecting the bill?

Only the meat puppet faggot Obozo's.

He submitted 3 budgets out of the 8 he was supposed too according to my memory and not one of them could get more than 10% of the senate vote IF I Recall Correctly....

Trump apparently never submitted any budgets. I don't recall a single debate about it.

The federal budget was a BIG fucking deal during the 2000's when Bush was waging a war against jihad, the media, and The Nanzi Poolousy democrooks. Then all of a sudden it seemed like concern about the budget was "racist" when the meat puppet faggot was elected. Trump beat hitlary much to the surprise of the donor class oligarchy but never really addressed insane federal spending. Maybe that was just to keep from being JFK'd. They did everything else they could to finally get him out of their way.
You are such a lying fuck. Obama submitted 8 budgets. Trump increased the budget & took us back to trillion dollar deficits before anyone heard of COVID>

Trump spent 4 trillion in his 4 years, Biden is set to spend 4 trillion in less than four months, with more promised to come.
$8.3 trillion,

Okay, that wasn't the point, however, you want to go that route, Biden's plan if he goes to fruition will have a similar effect because we all know that it will go over budget.

The point is in four months we will spend over 4 trillion dollars and no one seems to flinch. We are getting ourselves deeper in debt, life will go on, until we no longer will have a US dollar world economy, then our ratings will crash, our ability for borrow will become strained, interest rates will climb, we hit hyper inflation and China can then put the squeeze to us. It is coming and we will be hurting and that will lead to a recession and higher taxes on all. We are on the road to Greece and Italy.

Sad that we can't control our spending.


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Nov 18, 2019
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You hear it all of the time. Reagan, Bush, Trump deficits. Clinton Obama deficit reductions.

Now go read the Constitution. House creates the budget, Senate approves, goes to President to sign or reject.

Now go look who controlled the House related to those Presidents.
Deficits aren't just about spending, they're equally about revenue, which is something that Republicans love reducing. Tax policy isn't a bill that's passed every year, so the effect of one Congress can last for many years.

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