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A single mother buys a gun for protection...something very few women in Europe can do.....


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Jul 19, 2014
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This is a great story...I hope she gets training and stores the gun safely....but it shows that one of the biggest growth sectors in American freedom is women and minorities....

GADDIS: So there was a couple of nights where I’d come home, and there would be people in the hallway, like, really close to my door. And the way my apartment building is set up is if you don’t know anybody up there, you shouldn’t be upstairs. There were a couple of nights I felt like I probably needed some protection or probably should have let somebody know I was going in late. But I didn’t think about it until there were people standing way too close to my door.

SIMON: I gather you’re a new gun owner.

In Europe? This woman would be helpless.....and would just have to live in fear every day of her life......

This is a good part....

Why doesn't she act like a good victim...or a European.....and just wait for the police to help her if she is attacked?

SIMON: What would lead you to reach for that gun in your mind?

GADDIS: If someone was actively trying to, like, to kick in the door, or – I have actually a bell that is on the back of my door, so if I heard the bell and wasn’t expecting anyone to walk in at that moment, then I would reach for it.

SIMON: And why not just call the police?

GADDIS: Honestly, I’ve had incidents where I’ve called them and I don’t feel like they got there in enough time. Or – like, even the call with the emergency responders, it’s like, well, what’s your name? Where are you at? What’s your phone number?

And here we have the Red Pill moment for this woman.....when she realized that crime can happen to anyone....

SIMON: Yeah.

GADDIS: What’s the emergency? It’s a long process. So by the time the police get to you, if you get all that information out to them, it’ll be too late.

SIMON: I gather you know about deaths up close in your own family experience, don’t you?

GADDIS: Yes, I do. My aunt was brutally murdered in her apartment. And there was a knife involved, and she ended up passing away at home. For me personally, I’d rather something that I know is there to be able to protect myself.

And this.............

Aurora, Colorado, where Gaddis lives, is having its own issues, including one home invasion earlier this year that police couldn’t respond to for hours. The response from the city of Aurora makes it clear that there weren’t enough officers working at the time to immediately dispatch cops to the scene of the crime.

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