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$4.4B High-Tech Deal Will Mean 6,900 Jobs



$4.4B High-Tech Deal Will Mean 6,900 Jobs | Product Design and Development

$4.4B High-Tech Deal Will Mean 6,900 Jobs

Facilities will be created or expanded at the nanotechnology center next to the state University at Albany, in Utica, East Fishkill, Canandaigua and Yorktown Heights.

Among the 6,900 jobs to be retained or created, 2,500 will be high-technology positions, Cuomo said.

The state is providing a matching investment of $400 million in equipment and technology to the state university system, Cuomo said.


Do you see? This is what I was talking about. The "Triple Helix" of "Universities, Business and Government".

This is why having the right wing in charge is always such a disaster. The don't believe in Education. They want to drown Government. Business finds innovation "risky" and won't go it alone. That means with right wingers (who are delusional and ALWAYS wrong) in charge, business will end up in China. Because they chase sensible people away with their scary ideology.


In the Far East, the "Triple Helix" is referred to a the "Golden Helix" because the combination of "Business, Government and Universities" has fueled those countries economic growth. It's just common sense. Nothing that can be argued with.

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