3 robbers vs. one armed woman...guess who won.....


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Jul 19, 2014
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As is often the case....an armed, law abiding citizen resorts to violence only as a last resort.....and still manages to drive off 3 armed attackers.....the story says she fired multiple shots....so there is a good chance it was more than 2 and possibly more than 3.....

Bearing ArmsArkansas Domino s Manager Pulls Her Gun And Drives Off Trio Of Armed Robbers - Bearing Arms

Blytheville, Arkansas Domino’s pizza manager Sarah Cherry is no shrinking violet. When a trio of hoodie-wearing armed robbers held up her counter staff, the manager walked up from the back of the store to investigate the commotion. One of the robbers then made the mistake of firing his handgun at her.

She was not amused.

Armed, Cherry fired several shots back at the suspects as they fled the store, heading east, according to witnesses.

Police are actively investigating several people of interest, according to Criminal Investigation Division Capt. Scott Adams, who urged anyone with any information regarding the incident to come forward. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrests and conviction of the three suspects involved.

No injuries were reported with the incident, and Adams said Cherry acted bravely.

“Although it is not the Police Department’s recommendation to fight with armed suspects, we do strongly believe in personal protection of businesses and people whom are not convicted felons,” he said. “The store manager showed great courage in protecting herself and her employees.”

I suspect that Cherry might have kept her weapon concealed and let the robbers leave with the contents of the cash register uncontested if the robbers had simply taken the money and run. When the robber shot at her, however, it showed that they were willing to take lives, and at the point, Cherry had nothing to loose and everything to gain by pulling her own firearm and opening fire on the robbers, forcing them to flee.


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Jan 19, 2014
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"Several shots fired... and no 'injuries'?

Well... no matter how ya slice that pie... THAT is poor gun control.

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