1. Bob Blaylock

    Pro-Abortion Lie: “An Acorn Is Not An Oak Tree”

    This is a lie that those who support the cold-blooded murder of the most innocent and defenseless of all human beings sometimes tell, in order to justify denying the humanity of those victims whose murder they support — “An acorn is not an oak tree.” I've addressed this lie a few times, by...
  2. ChemEngineer

    PROOF of Nature's God

    Brilliant Creations - The Wonder of Nature and Life
  3. P@triot

    The next time the left screams about “scientists”

    Just remind them that are so naïve and gullible.
  4. Fort Fun Indiana

    Dark Matter update: TED Talk

    We have learned a lot about what dark matter isn't, but we have learned almost nothing about what it is.
  5. deanrd

    meteor that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was likely around 50 miles wide

    meteor that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was likely around 50 miles wide Scientists Discover New Evidence of the Asteroid That Killed Off the Dinosaurs The asteroid blasted a cavity between 25 and 30 miles deep in the first seconds of impact, creating a boiling cauldron of molten...
  6. Fort Fun Indiana

    Hominim fossil skull fills gap in human evolutionary history...

    Early hominin skull fills in “a major gap” in the fossil record – Ars Technica This extremely rare find bridges the gap between Austalopiths and the other, older fossils found in Africa. The article details some of the physical traits, like an upright faith and jaw shape. Finds like this are...
  7. justinacolmena

    Linnæus’ nomenclature of living things, pig latin & creationism vs. evolutionary science

    There are seven levels to the grand scientific naming scheme for life on earth. For example a human being is of: Kingdom Animalia (animals, rather than plants, fungi or protozoa etc.) Phylum Chordata (chordates: animals possessed of a spinal cord) Class Mammalia (mammals: warm-blooded animals...
  8. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Treat Failure Like a Scientist

    Yup I recently had a wonderful conversation with my friend, Beck Tench. During our chat, Beck told me about an interesting shift in thinking that occurred while she worked at a science museum. During her time there, Beck said that she learned how to treat failure like a scientist. How does a...
  9. deanrd

    Three scientists share Turing Award for artificial intelligence.

    Three scientists share Turing Award for artificial intelligence. Turing Award Won by 3 Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence The Turing Award, which was introduced in 1966, is often called the Nobel Prize of computing, and it includes a $1 million prize, which the three scientists will share...
  10. The Original Tree

    One Area We Can Agree With on The Green New Deal: Geophysical Energy

    Before those of you who do not know me accuse me of being a Liberal, a Global Warmer, or a Globalist, let me tell you that I do not at all agree with Anthropological Global Warming. Climate Change has been here before man, and it will be here after man. I also am no fan of The Green New Deal...
  11. Chuz Life

    JoeB131, I'm calling you out on your claim that a human fetus is NOT a Child!

    JoeB131, I am calling you out on your continued claim that a human fetus is not a child. Despite many attempts to educate your retarded ass in various other threads, you still continue to regurgitate the same denials as though you have never even once been proven wrong. I call. I challenge...
  12. deanrd

    Trump is the first president since 1941 to have no science advisor.

    In the Trump Administration, Science Is Unwelcome. So Is Advice. There is no chief scientist at the State Department, where science is central to foreign policy matters such as cybersecurity and global warming. Nor is there a chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture: Mr. Trump last year...
  13. deanrd

    The 50 best college majors for finding the highest-paying jobs after graduation

    The 50 best college majors for finding the highest-paying jobs after graduation Highest Paying Bachelors Degrees | PayScale Make sure you click on "See Full List" These numbers only reflect students who graduated with a bachelor's degree in each field. Associate's, master's, and other degrees...
  14. Chuz Life

    Will this change the abortion debate?

    When the DNA test is finally perfected to tell whether or not a child in the womb is Gay. . . Will that result in more abortions or less? Scientists find DNA differences between gay men and their straight twin brothers. . ...
  15. Fort Fun Indiana

    Trump cabal directly contradicted on climate change by government report...

    In a development that should surprise exactly nobody, Trump and his loyalist officials have been directly contradicted (again) by an extensive report on climate change. This time, it comes from 13 agencies in his own administration. The entire report can be read here: Climate Science Special...
  16. Fort Fun Indiana

    What REALLY terrifies climate scientists: "Feedback"

    Climate scientists have confidence in a few things, for instance: the minimum amount of warming the climate will experience in the next 100 years, the primary driver of the observed, rapid warming, and the fact that the oceans are acidifying. But, what terrifies scientists is not "the known"...
  17. Vmedvil

    The God Conspiracy by Scientists

    Yep, Christianity is no different half the bible stories are about slaughter Gays, Lesbians, Other Tribes and other God's believers in the name of God. The Final book of the bible is about mass genocide and killing of anyone that does not believe in their God once he arrives that cause an...
  18. American_Jihad

    The mad theology of environmentalists who love science to death

    The left was, is and will always use green as their religion and quick money like carbon banks, rolmao carbon... I DON’T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE The mad theology of environmentalists who love science to death. June 9, 2017 Daniel Greenfield . June 9, 2017 Governor Brown has been touring...
  19. Peony

    Save the Science!

    Important scientists are on up in arms. Patricia Brennan is one. Her ground breaking duck penis study could not have been possible without tax payer money. (“ $384,949 from the National Science Foundation, a grant that was funded through the 2009 stimulus package.”) And now her chance to...
  20. Kalopin

    ...another version...

    Hello, What I have is a very long story, with many years work and many lessons learned, that may be helpful when studying past events... This is another version, through my research... [It is not my intention to offend or upset, only to correct a great amount of misunderstood science...
  21. Y

    The Higgs Boson

    The Higgs Boson probably does not exist, but plenty of bozo's think they probably have found it. Higgs boson - Wikipedia
  22. L

    Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here

    From May 2009, updated Feb 2017, reflecting changes in wikipedia's science page since that time. They include this, since 2014: appropriately (considering this article's title) renumbering section #2 to #1. Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here. Don't be mislead by the...
  23. Divine Wind

    The Human Spirit

    Religious people obviously believe in the human spirit, but as the quote below from Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, an admitted "skeptic", notes, even non-religious people recognize the difference too. Tyson has a show on the Nat'l Geo channel titled StarTalk where he has interviews and panel...
  24. MindWars

    Earth warning! massive wave of energy 16 days away

    EARTH WARNING! MASSIVE WAVE OF ENERGY/16 DAYS AWAY! I've followed BP for quite some time. He's very informative. Let's hope this thing doesn't cause an earthquake as it did in what was it 2004. The earthquakes have certainly picked up and are happening more frequently than they use to. The...
  25. ding

    CDZ When does human life begin?

    Science tells us that a human life begins at conception when a new human being - who has never existed before and will never exist again - comes into existence. How do we know? DNA
  26. MindWars

    More Signs Emerge Earth Is Headed Towards Turmoil And Peril As Astronomers Warn 'Planet Nine' Tilted

    Long considered nothing more than 'tinfoil hat conspiracy', the new story from linked to on Steve Quayle's website on Thursday asks us if 'the mysterious recently discovered planet Nine' was actually responsible for the tilt of the solar system we ALL live in. With researchers now...
  27. Y

    Unborn Child

    Back in 1974 the singing duo of Seals & Crofts released an album of songs including "Unborn Child" of which the title song was written by Jim Seals and Lana Bogan was a powerfully emotional appeal against abortion. These are the lyrics: "Oh little baby, you'll never cry, nor will you hear a...
  28. P@triot

    Scientist says he found definitive proof that God exists

    One of the most respected theoretical physicists in the world - Michio Kaku - summarized it neatly: "I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence”, he affirmed. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.” “To me it is clear...
  29. American_Jihad

    The gruesome history of left-wing scientific fakery

    Typical of the left, like climate change... The Party of Scientism, Not Science The gruesome history of left-wing scientific fakery. May 19, 2016 Bruce Thornton ... Indeed, leftism was born in scientism. Karl Marx believed that his ideas about the historical development, economics, and human...
  30. anotherlife

    Extraterrestrial military expedition?

    The military used to be the sponsor and pusher of science. Why is it not any more? Wouldn't it beintesersting to participate in a military expedition is outer space? Like in the asteroid belt? Looking for minerals? And developing new weapons to shoot up our neighbors? This would be such an...

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