1. Litwin

    Stalinist-era mass grave found in Ukraine, its time for Nuremberg for Marxists and Marxism in all forms and configurations!

    Stalinist-era mass grave found in Ukraine, its time for Nuremberg for Marxists and Marxism in all forms and configurations! The remains of between 5,000 and 8,000 people were found in 29 graves in the southern city of Odessa. The site, believed to date back to the late 1930s, was uncovered...
  2. Litwin

    If Stalin - Hitler´s Devils' Alliance held, Could these 2 Asiatic despots conquer the Europe (Northern Africa?) ? What USA and Britain ´d do?

    If Stalin - Hitler´s Devils' Alliance held, Could these 2 Asiatic (1) despots conquer the Europe (Northern Africa?) ? and What USA and Britain ´d do? The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941 ... › books › aug › devils-all... 6 Aug 2014 —...
  3. Litwin

    what do you think about Stalin´s Torch-men-Order N 0428? Stalin genocide Belarusians, Balts, Ukrainians, Moldovans order

    what do you think about Stalin´s Torch-men-Order N 0428? in order to understand extreme brutality of WW2 in Belarus, and Belarusians who fought Muscovite occupiers (not just in 1941-45, but from 1798 to 1991) we have to start with reading stalin´s Torch-men-Order N 0428 " stalin´s...
  4. Litwin

    public opinion has been kinder to Stalin than Hitler. But one historian looks at Stalin's mass killings and urges that the definition of genocide be

    I do 100% agree with Stanford history Professor Norman Naimar , Stalin (and stalinism ) must get his place on the bottom of human history. side by side with Ivan The Terrible, Hitler and Pol Pot. "public opinion has been kinder to Stalin than Hitler. But one historian looks at Stalin's mass...
  5. Litwin

    Americans, Brits, Poles, Frenchmen, etc. in the Gulag. Stalin's foreign slaves

    Americans, Brits, Poles, Frenchmen in the Gulag. Stalin's foreign slaves . The modern dirty western commies and Putin´s propaganda is whitewashing Koba´s heinous crimes against humanity even today . "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic" - Stalin question: what...
  6. P@triot

    The Woke Movement IS Leninism 4.0

    As is always the case, the left is trying to implement totalitarianism. They failed the first three times, so now they are trying a new tactic: political correctness. Convince society that everything is "offensive" and then demand that anyone who speaks out is attacked by the mob and...
  7. ChemEngineer

    Questions For Darwinists Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. – Thomas Edison How compelling some arguments can seem to be, even if they are found to be absurd on closer examination. While debate in matters...
  8. Litwin

    Why Hitler can not be equated with Ioseb Besarionis dzе Djugashvili pet names: Koba, Soselo, Stalin

    I found an interesting post , so what do you think? "Why Hitler can not be equated with Ioseb Besarionis dzе Djugashvili pet names Koba, Soselo, Stalin, Soso, The Red tsar, etc. Hitler could not: repress - 65% of the top command staff of the Red Army - 120 academicians of the USSR -...
  9. Litwin

    Simo Häyhä, The Deadliest anti-Stalinist, anti-horde, anti - Marxist Sniper In History. Jokes, Vide

    Simo Häyhä, The Deadliest anti-Stalinist anti-horde anti - Marxist Sniper In Military History Russians are always boasting until the snow starts speaking Finnish. Another famous Finnish joke: A Soviet army is marching through a Finnish forest when a general hears a voice from over a hill...
  10. Litwin

    Israel’s Yad Vashem memorial drew criticism for legitimizing Russia's WWII narrative

    how much paid vova putler and his KGB gang for such error . still great move from Yad Vashem memorial ... "Israel’s Yad Vashem memorial drew criticism for legitimizing Russia's WWII narrative" Yad Vashem apologizes for historical error at World Holocaust Forum
  11. Litwin

    Forest Brothers Europeans fought Asiatic Satanism (Maskal Marxism - imperialism) for many years

    Forest Brothers Europeans who fought Asiatic Satanism (Maskal Marxism - imperialism) for many years . great video . learn learn Goryani - Wikipedia The Goryani movement (Bulgarian:...) or Goryanstvo (Bulgarian: ...: Goryanism) was an active guerrilla resistance against the Bulgarian...
  12. The Original Tree

    The "New" Democrat Party (Communists-Marxists) have tried to USURP every GOP President since Reagan

    It's kind of sad what has happened to The Party of JFK. I think this happened when Lyndon Johnson took the party over after JFK's assassination. I'd make the claim that The Democrat Party was always morally bankrupt, but if you think they had any virtue when their roots are in oppression, then...
  13. The Original Tree

    Hunter Biden: Drug Addict - Ukrainian-Russian Puppet

    There is no other way to describe this disaster of a human being. Joe Biden pulled strings to get him in to a Navy position. Hunter Biden was given the boot over drug abuse. Joe Biden again pulled strings to get him a job with Burisma netting him between $50K to $80K a month, in addition...
  14. Litwin

    Why Western Europe is much so behind Eastern part in Decommunization (DeStalinisation) ?

    Why Western Europe is so much behind Eastern part in Decommunization (DeStalinisation) ? does it mean that commies (Marxism, Stalinism , etc.) are still have a lot of power in Western Europe & USA? "Decommunization is a process of dismantling the legacies of the communist state...
  15. P@triot

    Talk about #WalkAway

    Bwahahaha! A small business owner will never find anything to “identify” with Democrats. They have abandoned all logic and reason and have embraced an extreme communist ideology. A black business owner walked out on Elizabeth Warren's presidential announcement—here's why
  16. Octoldit

    White House petition demands Nancy Pelosi be removed for treason

    By Joe Newby - January 30, 2019 A petition posted to the White House “We the People” website demands that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., be removed from office for treason over her refusal to provide the necessary security on the southern border. The petition, which can be seen here...
  17. The Original Tree

    The Blue Wave, Normandy Beach & Fundamentally Changing America

    Did you ever wonder where The Democrat Party came up with the phrase "Blue Wave"? Its a combination of things, but primarily they borrowed the idea from THE US INVASION in WWII of Normandy Beach where US troops; stormed Normandy with wave after wave of US Soldiers until we overwhelmed the...
  18. DOTR

    CNN is “terrified”

    The winning never stops. And the whining. How these people whine in their death throes. And lie. It’s owellian how they project (liberals always project). When they make an accusation they tell you just what’s on their own minds. This guy claims Trump... “...makes a mockery of cherished...
  19. P@triot

    Come on progressives - tell us again how it is so “great”

    It has a failure rate of 100% world wide. It has never succeeded anywhere and it never will. The only people who want something this stupid are the parasites desperate to mooch off of it. Educated, informed people want no part of it. Yes my’re healthcare system is “sick and dying”...
  20. The Original Tree

    Dem Smear Scams: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Moore vs. Cain vs. Thomas

    Judge Moore has had a highly visible and notable public life for 40 years. So one has to ask themselves, why after 40 years just 4 weeks before a Senate Special Election which could tip the balance in The Senate either way, are 40 year old unsupported allegations suddenly surfacing? Moore...
  21. American_Jihad

    Fascism and Nazism are both phenomena of the left

    It is what it is... BIG LIAR How Theodor Adorno redefined Fascism. August 11, 2017 Dinesh D'Souza Fascism and Nazism are both phenomena of the left. This makes ideological sense, because at their core they represent ideologies of the centralized, all-powerful state. Moreover, fascism grew...
  22. The Original Tree

    The Left Simply Does Not Culturally Understand President Trump

    3 Reasons The Left Doesn't Understand The President. 1.) Domestic Cultural Differences. It's my opinion that much of The Left's Outrage is based in Ignorance of Cultural Differences between Nations & people even within our own borders. They are not accustomed to BLUNT Words, followed with...
  23. P@triot

    You can ALWAYS count on left-wing policy to end in collapse

    It always ends the same with left-wing policy: collapse. Nothing ends in collapse like left-wing policy. Articles: Berniegate: How Jane Sanders Offers a Window into Liberal Scheming
  24. Octoldit

    Putin Just Exposed The Plot To Destroy America

    The state/fake media is attempting to destroy America in more ways than one. The Zionist are using Hillary Clinton and all her cult members in a color revolution to try and derail the success of President Trump which will fail just like her campaign. Cultural Marxism has done more to destroy...
  25. DOTR

    The gift of self-hatred...from feminism to your daughter

    Anybody with any sense (not liberal), or with any morals, can see that feminism is a blinding hatred for anything feminine. EDITED FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Popularity of tomboys is encouraging girls to swap gender, says NHS psychologist More than double the number of girls compared to boys...
  26. anotherlife

    Marxist economy.

    The soviets and national socialists turned the Marxist economy into a very successful holocaust on everyone who ever owned anything. But Marx didn't go like that. Marx said only, that forcing extra labor out of people creates profits and poverty, plus replacing all labor with machines is a...
  27. P@triot

    Obama's ideology

    For 8 years now, progressives have been denying Obama's entire ideology. He states in his autobiography that upon arriving at college, he "actively sought out the marxist professors", but the progressive minions deny he is a marxist. His wife states that (and I quote) "Barack knows that we have...
  28. ding

    Do Atheists Act as though Atheism is a Religion

    1. Their religion is socialism which worships big government and social policy 2. It is based on atheism and deification of man. 3. It proceeds in almost all its manifestations from the assumption that the basic principles guiding the life of an individual and of mankind in general do not go...
  29. Octoldit

    United States Just Passed up Old Soviet Union Gulags For Largest Prison System

    For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed. The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags’...
  30. American_Jihad

    The gruesome history of left-wing scientific fakery

    Typical of the left, like climate change... The Party of Scientism, Not Science The gruesome history of left-wing scientific fakery. May 19, 2016 Bruce Thornton ... Indeed, leftism was born in scientism. Karl Marx believed that his ideas about the historical development, economics, and human...

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