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  1. ChemEngineer

    Perfect metaphor for Democrats in Politics

    Sad ending, like all things liberal....... they only THINK they know....
  2. P@triot

    The low-IQ left

    I never cease to marvel at the profound stupidity of the low-IQ left 🤦🏼‍♂️ WTF did this low-IQ imbecile think would happen with false accusations against an entire political party? And now his ignorance is causing him to beg for customers :laugh: When you see the left in action, you realize...
  3. Cellblock2429

    Liberals determine ice cream names are now racists.

    Libtard save the world from racist ice cream names. And it's White privilege vanilla ice cream to boot. No wonder liberalism is considered a mental disorder...
  4. T

    USMB: Which politcal party do you vote for?

    Hi folks. I just wanted to post an unofficial poll into the voting habits of our fair political message board. This is totally unscientific poll, so please, don't be shy! No judging allowed, please.
  5. protectionist

    Another QUIZ for Liberals

    Suppose you are threatened with violence, by an irrational stranger. You display your legally carried gun, and warn the guy to keep his hands visible. Right then, he reaches into his pocket. What do you do ? Please: Liberals only answer this.
  6. DOTR

    “Teens” at it again in Boston.

    Mayor Jack Young Calls Recent Violent Incidents Involving Teenagers 'Unacceptable' The news reports claim what the crime wave has in common is “teens” and “students”. Not a very good description. The police report shows what they are trying to hide. How are these reporters not embarrassed?
  7. JGalt

    Why do liberals lack creativity?

    I've been told all my life that liberals, progressives, and Democrats tend to excel in the arts, music, theater, etc. They even have an entire college program named after them, as in "Liberal Arts Degree". After being a member here for the last 8 years, I would have to disagree with that...
  8. DOTR

    Liberalism is a mental illness

    Remember you are dealing with either evil or insane people when you deal with liberals. The cure is going to have to be extreme.
  9. JGalt

    Ok girls: "Light days" vs. "Heavy days" - What do you carry for them?

    Every girl knows that every day could be different. Some days the bloodletting might be fairly light, and other days is might be "heavy." Obviously you could carry something to remedy either situation but as every girl knows, there's not always enough room in her purse, pocket, or whatever. So...
  10. JGalt

    The Negro Project

    Before it was called “Planned Parenthood,” it was called "The Negro Project." "The Negro Project was initiated in 1939 by Sanger’s Birth Control Federation of America, an early form of Planned Parenthood. The purpose was to promote contraception use among the black population of the South...
  11. JGalt

    You cannot be a Democrat and a Christian at the same time...

    ...the two are mutually-exclusive. If you are a Democrat, you are carrying out the work of your father Satan. He loves the fact that you support leaders who want to pass laws allowing for the murder of unborn children. He loves the fact that you are for the disrespect of our landmarks and...
  12. DOTR

    Cognitive dissonance required

    Nice shirt from Amazon proclaiming “There are more than two genders” Comes in only two styles. Men’s or women’s :) Yes, There are More than Two Genders Shirt
  13. DOTR

    CNN is “terrified”

    The winning never stops. And the whining. How these people whine in their death throes. And lie. It’s owellian how they project (liberals always project). When they make an accusation they tell you just what’s on their own minds. This guy claims Trump... “...makes a mockery of cherished...
  14. DOTR

    Russia did this?

    Take a look at this incredibly granular and zoomable map of the election. (it even has a 3D button) Note that Hillary won The Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Upper East and West Sides, Silicon Valley and most of the other wealthy areas. She overwhelmingly won the areas where ruling elites congregate...
  15. BookShaka

    Up for a challenge?

    Name one thing you believe that those who share your worldview are wrong about. Name one thing the “other side” has done that you agree with/are willing to praise.
  16. DOTR

    Democrats begin to wake up to a harsh reality for them

    After a year of “not my president” and screaming meltdowns and empty chairs at tax negotiators and attempts to undo the election liberals are finally realizing Trump was kicking their ass while they were throwing tantrums. Go ahead...spend the next seven years acting like third world idiots...
  17. midcan5

    Media under Trumpism

    "Reading, and reading widely, is for me the great means of expanding my being. It is in reading that I have learned all I know about thinking." Alan Jacobs When everything is a lie or fake, where does the sane person turn. There are actually several media sources worth your time today. On...
  18. DOTR

    What the Zuckerberg want

    A nice guy posted this in a thread earlier. What is her wish for us? This...They have been much more successful in Germany. Watch Turks brag about outbreeding Germans and beating them bloody. Refugees are invaders. Click the twitter video Twitter
  19. JGalt

    Does anyone find these statues offensive?

    All in the US... Joseph Stalin in Bedford, Virginia... Vladimir Lenin in Atlantic City, NJ, New York City, and Seattle, Washington...
  20. J

    Seriously, why does anyone like Trump?

    I've tried, but I can't find anything good to say about him, except that he's amazing at fucking up and then getting someone else to pay for it. He does that better than anyone. Not sure that's a good quality to have in a president, though. Otherwise, what is actually good about him? Oh, and...
  21. American_Jihad

    The Hard Left Is Eating The Modern Campus Alive

    We have to take back all academia and that also means from K-12...:desk: Liberals and Campus Violence July 2, 2017 Daniel Greenfield "When your next college free speech controversy erupts, don’t blame liberals.” That's the message of Georgetown's Jacques Berlinerblau. Jacques...
  22. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Fall of Chicago (due to liberal policies)

    Chicago will become Detroit soon.
  23. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberal reporter goes full Kathy Griffin after being fired for assault

    TV Reporter Claims She’s “Ruined” After Being Fired For Assaulting, Berating Cop – MILO NEWS Former PHL 17 reporter Colleen Campbell says she’s “ruined” after being fired for berating a police officer on film and allegedly assaulting him after the camera was turned off. According to The New...
  24. American_Jihad

    Republican White House, assassination fantasies are fun again

    Assassination, that would be the worst thing the left could do, it would be their demise/end, so sad - NOT... CENTRAL PARK STAGING OF JULIUS CAESAR INCITES MURDER OF TRUMP June 6, 2017 Daniel Greenfield When a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask, Democrats and the NAACP wouldn't stop until he...
  25. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Democrat NY Judge arrested for failing to appear at court for her DUI arrest

    New York judge arrested, led from courthouse in handcuffs ROCHESTER, N.Y. — An embattled City Court judge was escorted Monday from judicial chambers in handcuffs. Rochester court deputies and city police officers executed a bench warrant issued for Judge Leticia Astacio's arrest last week...
  26. DOTR

    The gift of self-hatred...from feminism to your daughter

    Anybody with any sense (not liberal), or with any morals, can see that feminism is a blinding hatred for anything feminine. EDITED FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Popularity of tomboys is encouraging girls to swap gender, says NHS psychologist More than double the number of girls compared to boys...
  27. Cellblock2429

    California plans to tax space travel by the mile

    According to the proposal, California will collect tax from space transportation companies based on a formula factoring in how often a company launches spacecrafts out of the state, and, most importantly, how far a commercial spacecraft travels from California soil. Between May and mid-October...
  28. Cellblock2429

    Yale grad students' 'hunger strike' apparently involves eating when hungry

    A group of Yale University graduate students announced Tuesday evening that they would be undertaking a hunger strike to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits. The strike is taking place in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home. But if hungry the...
  29. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Rob Blagojevich (D) loses latest bid to cut short his 14 year prison term

    Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich loses bid to cut prison term (Reuters) - Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich lost his latest bid for leniency as a federal appeals court refused to shorten his 14-year prison term in a vast public corruption case, including an effort to sell Barack Obama's...
  30. American_Jihad

    The Fallacy of ‘Openness and Tolerance’

    The left should practice what they preach, but they don't and that's the problem. Education needs to be overhauled from K to 26... April 18, 2017 The Fallacy of ‘Openness and Tolerance’ By Paul Pauker ... Ultimately, progressives and liberals claim that the values of openness and tolerance...

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