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  1. Dan Stubbs

    Six men arrest for sexual crimes.

    They are report that Montgomery county is having a Rape epidemic involving 6 illegals all the victims are in the age range of 11 12 the Government is soft on arresting illegals and many of the residents are up in arms over the action taken. It is not getting better out in many area of the...
  2. deanrd

    This is why Republicans are wrong wanting a "GREAT" leader like Vladimir Putin

    What we know -- and don't -- about the mysterious Russian missile explosion The explosion of a suspected Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile last week has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety, fueled in part by Russian authorities' continuing secrecy around the accident. Local authorities...
  3. G

    A simpler and moderate immigration laws

    Well regulated immigration solution will make more people happy without hurting anyone. It's also the key to solve another annoying problem. Not everyone in a country share the same values. Some are libertarian, some are statists, some are capitalistic, some are socialists, some are secular...
  4. American_Jihad

    Trump Defends The West

    He tells it like it is, Deal With It... TRUMP DEFENDS THE WEST While critics display their embarrassing ignorance of history. July 10, 2017 Bruce Thornton President Trump’s ringing defense of Western civilization during his speech in Poland was a welcome answer to the phony cultural...
  5. MindWars

    Americans for safe access legally challenge DEA misinformation about pot If teenagers can sue the federal government over its insufficient action on climate change, why can’t a non-profit petition the U.S. Justice Department to require the DEA to stop issuing false...
  6. ding

    The Laws of Nature Predestined Beings that Know and Create

    If you believe in the Big Bang then you must believe that the Laws of Nature predestined that beings that know and create would eventually arise.
  7. E

    Should Glass-Steagall be passed again?

    The repeal of glass-steagall may have caused the recession of 07-08 -- Should we separate commercial and investment banks?
  8. Peony

    Rights Gone to Potty

    During her commencement speech at Jackson State University last Saturday, Michelle Obama took a shot at Mississippi’s “religious freedom bill”. Michelle Obama Slams Mississippi ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill in Commencement Speech “We see it right here in Mississippi — just two weeks ago -– how...
  9. anotherlife

    Sovereignty, who is your sovereign?

    To have a judicial branch, you need sovereignty. But who can provide it? A 200 years ago, it was kings that provided it, and everyone knew the name of his king. Who provides sovereignty in the 21st century? Is it money, that is the banks? If yes, then is it an automatic system with its own...
  10. O

    CDZ More trafic laws, are they working?

    Let me start by saying that I drive for a living. While I don't log the hours that many OTR drivers do, nor do I frequent major metro areas, ok, not even minor ones (the biggest "metro" area I frequent has a population of about 125k), I log around 2,000 miles a month. I see alot of really poor...
  11. anotherlife

    How far are we from the right to die legalization?

    There has always been talks in modern law about the right to die. Is this implemented recently? Some hospices I heard work with it. But what is you are not geriatric, just have other disabilities, physical or mental? Mentally disabled patients are usually homeless, but many would take...
  12. northpolarbear

    The trier of fact is legally obligated to hear the testimonies from both the accused & the accuser.

    The trier of fact is legally obligated to hear the testimonies from both the accused & the accuser. Quoting from on lawyers for the question “My (the accused) words vs the accuser's words...
  13. northpolarbear

    It’s illegal to convict & sentence secretly to the accused, or to sentence outside defined parameter

    It’s illegal to convict & sentence secretly to the accused, or to sentence outside defined parameter. Is it legal for a judge to sentence a ridiculous type or amount of punishment, or do they have to follow per-authorized options? - Quoting from from lawyers on the...

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